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New plan guys, force all immigrants to deliver bagels so we can deport them all.

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Never said to not vote. Its my personal opinion that you should do all you can and push on all fronts. Even if they will cheat, my vote forces them to waste their time to over ride it.

I also rather punch the man trying to hold me down than just take it lying.

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And? Just because they have a safety net, it doesn't excuse others from being politically active. If anything, the fact that the government is using goons to attack people who want to pick up garbage should be a prerogative to fight against them.

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You can't go out and fight antifa

Seems like he is only doomer talk. In fact, most of his speech is to force people in Patriot Front to be more reactionary than proactive.

The whole argument to wait until something presents itself is naivety. Antifa doesn't wait until something presents itself. They organized way before to strike. It looks like they are only active when protests erupt but they have networks and systems set up way before.

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Can I get a link of this happening? It seems so weird they have beef with each other.

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greater cognitive rigidity

Read as less BPD and mania.

Less interpersonal warmth

Read as skeptical of new people.

Study finds

Read as a liberal student's science fanfic.

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I feel like you haven't seen the guy that did this in the subway circa 2018.

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Why the hell do the Jews fuck with the food pyramid? That seems a bit out there for me. The only reason I can think of is that they want you to buy more of a certain product.

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Sn33d, do me a favor and make a large informative effort post of why WW3 is happening right now. I don't see any reason this is different than all the other /pol/ happening threads.

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Post Happening Thread.

Refuses to elaborate.


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What is a good firearm if you are a beginner?

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Yes cause here you can say Tranny, faggot, Jigaboo, chink, featherhead, porchmonkey, zipperhead, darkies, shitskins, retards, spic, Spicy spic, glowfag, furfag, Antifag, YWNBAW, kike, cuck, cocksucker, Discount human, midget, libtard, Magatard, Supertard, Basketball American, Great Ape, Chia Pet knockoff, alphabet mafia, and other pleasantries that I may have forgotten.

I am sure someone else will remind me.

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Such an odd term to comeback with. I figured they could do better.

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Yeah. Its a "Christian" Fast food chain that was against gay marriage, gained business for it, went back on their decision, lost more business than it gained and the CEO developed depression over it.

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Noone knows the strife I face as a Retarded Aryan. :,(

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Its the process where a Tranny has to insert metal cylinders called dilators into their post-op vagina hole to prevent it from healing closed. Said process involves lubricators to prevent excessive abrasions and hair removal as pubic build up can occur in the far back of the hole.

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Early Archeological records show they clashed with another group called "Its okay to be SPQR."

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Are black people actually like that or is BLM just a minority of crazy people who just want to be assholes and profit off of racism

Kek, its actually both.

Black people don't seem to put themselves in other people's shoes, hence why all their actions seem selfish. Its not that they have too much pride but rather a lack of Shame.

BLM on the other hand, isn't majority run by black people! Its Jewish Activists running most of the chapters in America! They use the phrase "Anyone can support BLM" and then hide behind their facebook ads to not be revealed. The real kicker is that most donations to BLM actually go to black trans women.

So what you are seeing here is a bunch of assholes profiting off of Blacks destroying cities. This is how Rome falls.

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The Constant TheDonaldHate is becoming quite a nuisance. Wouldn't mind if you shook up the content.

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Oh fuck, this is gonna be his last post before he gets B& and V&.

Kidding, Good luck mate

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Dude.... I remember this from last year. This was taken from the Jan 06 protests in front of the governors house in Washington.

This Ginger Faggot was the biggest glowie or counter-Op I had ever seen. Unironically he would be lauded on the site for marching around in Militant attire shouting Jews did this and insulting boomers.

Problem was that this was a Jan 06 Protest where only Trump supporters were protesting the election. So everything he did was just dividing the crowd and making people uncomfortable to the point they left. He killed their dissidence instead of pushing them to ask actual questions and see the actual problems in society.

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Welcome! Glad to see you are trying to improve yourself.

I don't have much advice for UBER EFFICIENT muscle gain because I haven't found that myself. But after weight training for a couple months I can promise that you will see SOME development so long as you stick to a routine.

But before you do start at lifting weights, consider what exactly you want and mean by physical strength. Consider the following video of a Body Builder vs an arm wrestler. The Body Builder LOOKS buff as all hell, yet he still loses. That's cause his "strength" is all for show and aesthetics while the arm wrestler's strength is actual strength.

I bring this up because this was a mistake I did when I started working out. The Body Builder Buffness is the result of using below your specific weight but using alot of it (Think of instead of doing 20 reps with a 50 pd weight you decide to do 50 reps with a 20 pd weight). This will cause you to LOOK like you are improving but you won't gain any effect strength (Though you will gain endurance).

In order to gain that hidden strength like the arm wrestler, you need to continuously add more weight to what you are lifting. Push yourself to lift more (But maybe have a spotter with you).

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