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Probably one of the most authentic artists out there today.

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So if you say mean things on the internet you can go to prison?

I'm against it.

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Mexico still doesn't have Gay Marriage or Abortion.

Texas is mostly Latino. Do the math.

Based Latinos.

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I'm sure all the CHRISTIANS are planning retaliation as we speak like their ancestors would have...

Oh no wait, they're going to pray for all parties involved and forgive the attacker. Maybe even let their daughters bring home a bunch of Somalian guy friends all 6 years older than her. Gotta show you're not racist!


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Not to mention importing a bunch of foreigners without attachment to the land while instilling in them a revenge complex against the original colonizers.

That's right, colonizer is a word of prestige. I know I'm not a colonizer because I didn't earn the badge. I morally object to claiming stolen valor.

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Black people stick out in Santa Ana. Everyone there is either Latino, White, or Asian.

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Congratulations, you're the last bastion of anti-woke Christianity.

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They are not pagans, they are statist drones. I do agree their movements are de-facto border line religious in belief, though to compare them to our ancestors Gods is down right false.

Have fun with your 'hug and love' egalitarian version of Christianity. And you wonder why gay priests are popping up in droves while church goers bend to the pressures of modernity, as well as 'muh refugeez' is plastered all over the west. It's simple: Christianity is no longer militant.

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The original religious jihadists in Germany. Now look at Scandinavia and Germany. Humanity needs the brutish ferocity of European Paganism more than it does the feminine egalitarian Christianity practiced today.

People converted to Christianity long ago as a balance to the masculine world through a feminine religion.

Today we live in an overly feminine world and we need to balance it with a masculine religion.

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"Does a Burger King Crown exempt me from the Vaccine passport?"


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Be careful what you wish for. Maybe those books are all the works of American College Humanities Text Books published after 2008.

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Who is going to make the list ?

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She views beautiful white swans as ugly because it makes her feel inferior.

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Most chicks on Tinder look just like her: average and overweight.

Imagine the overflowing inboxes of any average woman in shape. Thanks to supply and demand of an overweight population a 6 of 20 years ago is a 9 today.

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Matt Damon AND Ben Affleck ?


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Why eat 100 bugs when you can eat .01 cow.

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Back when the propaganda of saving western women worked.

What was that French soldiers quote when he told the women the Russians were possibly invading? The woman replied, "So what, we'll just open our legs."

How demoralized would you be knowing that you've been willing to die over an illusion portrayed by propaganda? Would anyone here fight and die for the honor of young college aged women in the west? While you're out there willing to die they'll still be getting drunk, acting masculine around most of society, and sleeping with the cultural riff-raff. Once their youth is gone and overweight, usually a single mother by this point, they magically want a man who can show them chivalry isn't dead.

The west fell long ago.

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In the West good luck finding a chick that has these three traits

  1. Not fat and a moderately attractive face (Physically healthy)
  2. Not crazy (Mentally healthy)
  3. Doesn't have kids (Understands consequences)
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