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"There are non-pacifist blackcels such as the Beta Upriser Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda; nonetheless, the vast majority are peaceful or even straight up gandhist pacifists such as the following"

That website is quite the rabbit hole. I feel like an anthropologist studying papuan cannibals.

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"I've been found out!"

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They’re literally here, in this thread, complaining that they can’t get women because genetically superiors gods among men are causing an unequal distribution of pussy

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You MGTOW guys always make me feel so handsome

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“MGTOW aren’t incels! Lots of MGTOW could get women but choose not too!”

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The incels at MGTOW probably will blow you for white knighting them

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That’s not the type of mgtows we get here

Mgtows who come here to forum slide pretty much always end up complaining that men better looking than them get women and they don’t

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Jewish led Bolsheviks attempted to violently take over Germany in the aftermath of WWI

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They told you the Nazis burned books but did hey tell you whose books?

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Thanks for sharing bro, we’re proud of you!

Get yourself a pull up bar. Cheap and efficient.

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One of the earliest Roman myths is the abduction of the Sabine women, because the men who settled Rome needed women

Believe it or not one can understand the proper place of women without constantly raging on the internet about how much you hate women and how much you hate men who have sex with women

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I can understand that

I take guy time away from my wife and hang out with my brother at least once a week

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Do I need to have that talk with you about where babies come from?

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Meh sometimes crazy people go on killing sprees

Mixing different tribes together in urban anthills is unnatural. Combine that with non-stop corporate media demonizing whites and stuff like this is bound to happen. There's only so much stress you can put on someone who is in a fragile mental state before they snap.

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“I’m a loser so everyone else must be too!”

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I never said you should treat women like men

Men and women are different. They should play different roles in a civilization and a relationship.

But who cares if some chicks want to hang out on conpro? Better than them hanging out on Facebook.

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In real life she probably would, because as you pointed out I’m good looking and that’s what matters most

This is, of course, not real life. It’s an anonymous forum where I won’t tell people my name or where I live. Combine that with the fact that there are only two female users here and I think you know that no one is using consumeproduct to cruise for tail

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Yes, you do get it

My life would not be worse if I never saw a black person again. My nation would function just fine (in fact it would function better) if no blacks lived here.

I can’t say the same thing about women

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See you guys always just end up complaining that you’re ugly

I don’t actually see the people here who don’t like incel/MGTOW crap ever dispute that women are attracted to handsome men

It sounds like you’re having an argument with your mom who told you the prettiest cheerleader would love to go to the sock hop with you if only you’d tuck in your shirt and part your hair

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Also, I’m not sure exactly what happened with the doxing thing, but you should probably ditch your old account and make a new one.

No need to leave a trail

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again:

Incels act like niggers, forever bitter about their own lousy genetics

Like niggers, they will also cause problems for any group that tolerates them

And for the record, I think there is a difference between someone who simply isn’t much of a ladies man and someone who embraces the “incel identity”

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You can have a civilization without blacks or Jews

You can’t have one without women

MGTOW is a train to nowhere

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Never play defense with this stuff, always go on the offense

Black people commit the majority of murders in America. Racism against whites is common. This one individual was a statistical anomaly.

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Biologically speaking you’re a Mexican so you should find yourself a señorita

If you’re proud of your white ancestry and care about the well being of white people you’re ok by me

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You answered your own question

You’re 75% white

It’s unlikely your grandparent was 100% Amerindian. Most of them have some white in them.

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