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Germany only had overseas colonies for a couple decades

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This is the kind of diversity I like

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and the Europeans who stopped them were also badasses

The current Europeans who have thrown open the gates are not

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You know she had sex with that bull, right?

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The Anglos didn't really develop a complex semi-feudal caste system (see the chart in the following link) the way the Spanish did in their colonies.


Mixed race children in the British American colonies were usually considered black or amerindian, even before the single drop rule was legally codified.

The leader of the Red Stick Creeks (Andrew Jackson's nemesis) was a 3/4 white guy named William Weatherford.

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There was also less mixing because North America had been depopulated by old world diseases that spread north from the Spanish colonies by the time Brits started settling in the new world

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I suggest calling them corporate media instead of mainstream media

It's better branding

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You can always tell who learned about sex from pornography and not from actually having sex

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Don’t do it bro

They share your DNA info with the government

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They literally want more corporate censorship by plutocrats

Because that could never come back to bite them in the ass

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Be careful you don’t end up with a counterfeiting charge

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Democratic leadership are all still firmly in aipac’s pocket

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I just wish they didn’t cost/destroy more than they contributed

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“Europe is rich because they stole from African colonies” doesn’t stand up to the slightest amount of scrutiny

Portugal was the first to build an overseas empire and the last to give up their big colonies. Why is Portugal, possesser of an empire that lasted 500 years, poorer than Germany, who only possessed overseas colonies for a few decades until they lost them in WWI?

Switzerland is rich despite never having an empire. Ireland, Greece and Finland were actually ruled by foreign empires. So were certain prosperous states in Asia like Singapore and South Korea.

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LePage pulled the old “I don’t understand why democrats don’t support Israel when all their biggest donors are Jewish” line

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End the apartheid state of Israel!

Break up the conglomerates!

Seize the wealth of the big bankers!

Honestly if it weren’t for all the feminists and darkies being a leftist might be kind of fun

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I don’t think people should be purely focused on traditionalism to the exclusion of all other ideas

Life is about adapting to different circumstances and striving to be better

To me it seems that our civilization took a wrong turn and is going down the wrong path. I think that there are lessons we can learn from our illustrious predecessors that can help us plot a new and better course. But I don’t think idling in place or going solely in reverse will work.

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Sounds like you’ve been having some wholesome family fun 👍

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Gran Torino was a movie about a white man who commits suicide to help immigrants

It is the least politically incorrect movie ever made

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