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You’ve probably figured out how to do it very very discreet there. You have to say it without outright saying it, and then you get massive like/dislike ratios. They’re aware, but you must tread lightly.

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Yes my precious chosen jew I shall obey, how many mud hut dwelling negroes will Israel take in and help as well?

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Well… online dating is mostly the reject women. If you’re a woman and have to resort to online dating in a city you’re most likely bottom of the barrel. I used it in northern Canada because we’re spread apart so far and that wasn’t as bad. Most efficient way to meet people when you’re 2-3 hours apart in any direction.

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Why does your lower branch have the tip cut off… and the sap sucked out?

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Eh I don’t care anymore, I can’t be morally mad at them for wanting me and my kind dead for that’s exactly the same thing I want for them. I know I’m more justified, and my reasons moral, but obviously my enemy wants me dead and I can’t fault them for that.

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Hahaha I love this site. Everyone gives each other shit over the smallest things and it’s always funny, reminds me of relationship with my brothers.

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Fuck Black Rock. Direct to owner, I buy blocks of lots in developments, design and build a custom home, then put it up for sale, repeat. Soon (1-2 years) I’ll be buying a plot of land and subdividing it into homestead lots 2 acres in size each specifically for people who would like to self sustain since I’ll be in charge or what the land is zoned to. I don’t do this entirely for money, I love crafting unique homes with lots of custom woodwork and building communities with people I want living in my general area. So if some curry towel head and his 15 relatives offer $50,000 over asking they can kick rocks and I’ll sell it to the middle class White family or couple who are starting a family instead. People who sell out for shekels disgust me, including Jewish Black Rock.

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Lol I’m a home builder and although I do t outright state it, I never sell my homes to anyone other than straight White people. I care about community out in the country.

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Any man who builds his dream and is changing the world isn’t going to date some haggard 36+ year old who commits more to her career than him. He’s going to date the young hot 20’s woman.

Like my dad always said “if she didn’t give you herself at her best, why should you take her at her worst?”

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The Jews and communists said Hitler is this way and so he totally is. I’d love to go form my opinion on all these people based only on what their enemies say. V E R Y R E L I A B L E

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Never relax around blacks

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I’m not sure where I stand on legalized drugs, too many possible outcomes. On one hand I love the idea of stripping niggers of their main cash industry, on the other hand I hate drunk people and it seems everyone gets drunk so I assume when drugs are legalized everyone will be rolling around on meth, blow, or acid every weekend which is my personal hell. You don’t have to legalize drugs to not throw people in prison for being caught with a bit of personal amounts on them.

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I will always remain pro drugs. I believe in dealing drugs because it’s inherently anti-fascist and spits in the face of authoritarian moral control that fascism needs to gain power.

I will always remain pro pedophile. I believe in pedophilia because it’s inherently anti-fascist and spits in the face of authoritarian moral control that fascism needs to gain power.

I will always remain pro abortion. I believe in abortion because it’s inherently anti-fascist and spits in the face of authoritarian moral control that fascism needs to gain power.

Hmmm wow, you can apply any shitty outright evil behaviour to that statement and make it sound good to retards.

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He looks like he had his first beer through the umbilical cord and was given a soother made from asbestos.

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6 million holohoax deaths divided by 22 fake stories on average equals 272,727 actual deaths.

All from near end of the war starvation, disease, and exposure since you know… Germany was fighting a war on two fronts against globhomo machine and POW’s fall low on the list of who needs supplies.

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Because the Redditor is told what to feel, and does not contemplate why he should feel that way. A majority of people have no internal dialogue. Whereas you and me may look at something, then have a conversation with ourselves in our head weighing different sources of evidence and information against one another to work out and determine our final view on it.

Most people don’t/can’t do that, and they think we’re crazy for doing it like we hear voices or something which is like saying someone who plays chess by themselves must have an imaginary friend. Most people simply see something and react with whatever emotion is immediate and strongest. This is easily manipulated depending on how you frame it, which is why most people are mindless NPC’s.

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