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That’s not how we do things here

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I’m glad that cucks are dying. Lol.

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Nogs in America aren’t American. Just because they live in America doesn’t make them American nogs. Only Aryans can be American.

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Agreed- stand up for what you believe in and go public. You have more balls than most the anonymous alts out there if you do.

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I agree- the Anglos are the enemies of the White race and have been since eternity lol- they literally behave like jews and their state religion was set up for divorce. In other words their state religion is sin.

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Oy vey! Nuke the goyim because they won’t let me such baby dick Oy gevalt!!!

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Handshake account u/fwer is here to spread Semitic propaganda.

Hong Kong is China, go fuck your self u/fwer and take your capitalistic cockroaches with you.

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Spaniards in Spain are White. A lot of us Americans hear Spanish and think of ugly Venezuelan half breeds but they’re not.

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Anyone who thinks the age of consent should be less than 18 is a degenerate and an enemy of the european race. No civilized country let’s minors have sex with adults. Rope yourself degenerate scum.

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How the hell does Britain have that many??? Unless it’s porn stars for some kind of gargoyle fetish kek.

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