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Agreed. Not realistic. Needs to be at least 3 times larger to be accurate.

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I never knew this site existed on reddit.

I lurked on /r/SJWHate, and when that got nuked I lurked on /r/TD. When that became comprised I moved the TD.win(now called Patriots). After a few months they announced some new win pages and I checked them out. This place was a better fit for me. Now I read & comment about 90% here and 10% patriots. But I almost sensor myself on patriots or at least comment with kid gloves on. It's just not as natural as interactions on here.

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He's on metric time. Blowing the rest of us out of the water!

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They'd whine about white flight as all of a sudden there'd be nobody providing them with food, shelter, clothing, running water, waste management services, etc.

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I want this to be true so I can posit the following:

I understand how the gorillas would think she was a gorilla. But how could the gay one tell this she-boon wasn't a man? Looks pretty damn masculine to me.

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136.9 hours? This fag played whatever this nonsense is for the equivalent of 5.7 days?

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I try and i sound like a schizo. But i've been adjacent to this way of thinking / knowledge for about 25 years now (i'm in my early 40s). So everyone has always known me as the crazy conspiracy theorist, revolutionary, psycho. Recently it's been interesting. The fully brainwashed useful idiots mostly no longer can tolerate me (it's mutual), and a few normies, such as my father and a few others, have started agreeing with me.

I'm actually really excited about the increased polarization. We need fewer fence sitters and peace makers.

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Haha! Your username. You really can't.

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Holy shit, this.

"Don't want to wait in line at the ER, build your own hospital!"

Then just walk away.

Its perfect.

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Just hope you never need to actually go to a bank on the first. Niggers don't have account's so they have to show up in person and cash the checks. Of course, if you live in a nigger-free area, then its no problem.

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Don't quit. Just don't comply. Make them fire you. Don't let them take the easy way out by removing yourself for them.

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I still don't buy the controlled opposition angle. I don't fully trust's everything he says as some of it is speculation and inference. But he's certainly been far more right than wrong and i don't believe he ever internationally leads people astray.

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So they'll compliment you while they cry?

I'm glad i found this place when the win communities first expanded. Its a mich better home than TD(patriots).

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I'm still more partial towards Pinochet. But that Hitler fellow was a swell guy too.

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I like board games. Its a good way to spend some time with friends or family; interacting together and not on electronic devices.

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Tyrone mugged Marty, stole his vest, and went to celebrate his haul over some fried chicken.

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Its terrible how he kidnapped that poor woman and is tying her to the tracks as a train approaches.

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3rd law of inertia; For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Adds up. Poor space Dinos. I bet they're cold and lonely.

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November 4 is the date she posts about the dead baby, births it on the 5th. Jab was October 29. Less than one week later. Surely its just a coincidence. Nothing to see here. #saFeaNDeFeCtiVE!

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I prefer 0/5, but i'm willing to work down to that step by step

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