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This is actually the most non confrontational way to go about it after reading through a dozen comments saying to kick the guy’s ass.

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The Holahoax definitely happened man… 6 billion Jews died, I would know. I got an A in physics bro

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Chimps don’t regularly rape and murder our white women.

by Samurai
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Nah don’t delete it. It was posted a while ago but I always like seeing it again. And others do as well, I’m sure of that.

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Yes I'm a carpenter and we got hit pretty bad during the chinese flu but its coming back and its coming on stronger than ever. And yeah, everyone that works in this field is a lazy slow piece of shit (as far as the workers I've been recycling through) and everyone still doesn't want to work because they got a taste of that lazy nipple-sucking lifestyle. It sucks because I feel like I'm the only one with a sense of urgency right now.

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Complete the structure of this booth I’m building, have it ready to laminate by next week. It’s due the 30th and I’m slammed and understaffed. It all falls on me to do the job and to keep this small business afloat.

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That bird is based. Probably hates blacks and liberals.

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Never help a nigger who can’t even help themself.

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Niggers are trained by Kikes like dogs. Hey black, with one word you will turn into a savage animal with not an ounce of humanity in your nigger self, and you will do it without question, without hesitation. You’re a dog, you’re nothing, and with one word you will obey the Kike’s command. Hear nigger and you will be the animal that you are.

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Thank you for expediting the process

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“Why it’s not a bad thing to have an STD. In fact, it should be celebrated”

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One volcano eruption can send the earth into an ice age. So no... children are not destructive to the environment. Nigs are.

Either way, if you're white, prosper kings. We need more of us.

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Yeah I didn’t even think of this until now. Thanks to him for spreading ideas to bother kikes. I appreciate it.

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And by women, that means REAL women, not whores. There you go: sex education.

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Yes thank you. People act like getting sick and dying is a work of evil. You’re absolutely right, dying is not an evil phenomenon. Dying is divine and spiritual, and if you die from sickness, it is part of God’s plan. Getting sick is all a part of God’s plan.

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Fuck those dirt-worshiping faggots. It’s hilarious they got dominated and owned by whites. Haha your people suck. You LOST. Losers. Get fucked lmao, drink your rum and die, faggot injen.

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Yeah I’m tired of hearing about that gay faggot shit. Just another thing liberals have brought into the sphere of discussion. I won’t be partaking.

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I want to like him but he really is everything bad about consumerism concentrated into one individual. I respect that he has honed in on a market and has became rich because of it, and also respect him being comfortable with playing the role of “The Bad Guy” but to me, I can’t overlook the intertwinement of him with all things mindless consumerism.

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When people say “that’s low-key _____” it’s gay. Trendy speak is so faggoty.

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