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I just hit the 1000 round mark, last week, with my Palmetto State Armory AR and have yet to have a single malfunction. The base rifle cost me $700. If you are choosing an AK over an AR in 2021, you are doing so because you either A. Have been misinformed or B. You just want an AK to have an AK.

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I want to create a family. The family I never had. I want to leave them every penny I earn and ensure my future children do the same for theirs. The means matter little in comparison to the ends.

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Shower, eat breakfast, attend class if applicable, browse /k/ or play vidya or go to range, small lunch, exercise (until the last three weeks or so) around 2pm, shower (if I exercised), cook dinner, hang out with girlfriend, waste time after she's gone to sleep, get ~6 hours of restless sleep, repeat.

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This is why God inspired man to invent napalm.

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I got stress fractures from aggravating shin splints. I can't run at all. For a while, I could barely walk. It sucks, but at least I can lift while sitting on my bench.

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Yes. I'm very suspicious of people that post this shit. At best, they're retarded, and at worst, they're trying to provide a sink for our energy and attention. Either way, I'm completely unimpressed by the idiots here falling for it.

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I'm 5'6". I have a weak chin. I've compensated by lifting everyday and committing to shooting at least once a week. I answer "vaccine for what?" when asked about whether or not I've been jabbed. I want to be dangerous.

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Candy and toys. These are the people touting moral superiority while being just slightly larger children.

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I appreciate your insight. It makes me feel a bit better about it all. I do intend on applying solely for positions with sheriff's offices when I graduate. Slightly less jew cock stroking involved while waiting for the vile beast to die.

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Why tell the truth when you can just lie to get what you want?

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Funny, I can't imagine anything more depressing than this.

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Good. I like shooting a lot more than I like arguing with boomers and "fellow white people".

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Umm, okay, sweaty. I'm pretty sure the government and mainstream media told me white supremacy is the greatest threat to America. Ya'll a bunch of racist mayo monkeys.

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This is correct. "Jew" exists as a derogatory for a reason. Keep the tradition alive.

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Same reason I'm a Rhodesia fanboy. Massively outnumbered and outgunned, but they still managed to inflict many, many times the casualties they received. That and the fact that they were fighting black commies.

by Taliban
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Same way they use nigger gun violence stats to disarm law-abiding white men.

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You sound like a woman. I have eaten literally everything I've ever killed. Today just so happened to be a fluke and also my first squirrel. Thought I'd share.

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Trapping is nigger behavior? Holy shit, move out of the city, you faggot. You gonna start crying when you find out you can tag out on five a day, too?

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My girlfriend sets live traps around our home because she is a taxidermist. Most convenient, cleanest way to kill them is by drowning and our outdoor hose is fucked.

But yeah, we're going to eat it. It's not the strangest thing I've ever eaten, dating a trapper and all.

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My girlfriend is a trapper and taxidermist. It got loose when she went to drown it. I'm just the stupid bastard dating her.

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7.62 is too expensive after the Russian import ban. Use an AR like a real American.

Edit: this place has become reddit for people who like to say nigger. Downvotes over absolutely nothing. Tell me what your problem is, faggot.

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Exist anywhere but Somalia.

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