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If we’re attracting sex spam bots, that just means we’re growing and getting more web traffic. You see the same shit on higher traffic Disqus boards.

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How can you be fat, but still have legs that look like canoe paddles? You should at least develop some calf muscle from carrying that weight around.

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Europeans: “Lol, americunts are so fat.”

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We’re not pissed, we’re laughing. He’s the one who’s obviously pissed.

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Shitbulls are the niggers of the dog world.

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That’s generally called a pastor.

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Most therapists and their patients are women. Most of the women patients are there because they resist biological programming, and instead consume anti-feminine ideology known as “feminism”.

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Does actual sex count as a fail?

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Fair enough. I don’t believe niggers are human, so the laws of good and evil simply don’t apply to them. Aborting niglets is no different then removing invasive species of fish from your local watershed.

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Cigarettes and weed are such disgusting habits. As a former smoker, I can’t stand the smell of either anymore. Smokers just smell dirty, and MJ users always emanate that mix of skunk and BO, even freshly showered.

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By that logic, we better not deport undesirable Africoons, Mexicans, and hadjis. Otherwise the same logic will be used to deport whites someday.

Abortion is the only reason our country is not completely overrun with niggers. You think it’s bad now? At the rate niggers breed, how do you think the country would look if every single sheboon shit out every single gibs goblin they carry?

Sheboons already have the highest rate of childbirth in the US, with an average of 2.5 sprogs per sow, and 59% of those are with multiple fathers. The average sow is pregnant with her first at age 15, but 70% of black teen pregnancies are voluntarily terminated. 25% of those teens are impregnated again within 24mo. If it wasn’t for abortion, the 13% would be over 50%.

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Why are we against abortions? So niggers, liberals, and jewesses can’t stop themselves from breeding? Fuck that. The only people who get abortions are the ones we don’t want more of.

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Jews gonna Jew.

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Woah! So edgy and cool! Rogan smokes weed and “defies” the establishment! Just like every 15 year old in the whole fucking world! I bet he stays up late on school nights too!

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Interesting. Never heard of this, now I won’t be able to not notice.

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Isn’t it? Great confidence boost! I’m going to put in some extra reps on my workout this morning!

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I like how the bitch assumes the comments were a “coordinated brigade”. What a cope! She just can’t accept that the masses have finally woken up and gotten sick of the jews’ conniving bullshit.

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I knew you’d lose your temper and drop the facade. Happened faster than I expected. Newsflash rabbi, a troll is supposed to laugh while he makes his targets angry, not the other way around. You’re a complete failure as a troll.

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Must be free wifi night at the synagogue.

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