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There is no magical third act where I am the star in some fantasy adventure. I won't suddenly gain superpowers and fight cartoonish villains.

Not with that attitude you won't. Just gotta find the evil J, you could pull a Blade on (((their))) (((vampiric))) asses.

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My pronouns are amon/gus

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This. I could easily pay for an escort and get my rocks in her, but unlike a lot of people, I actually want well, love.

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I do remember Buzz Aldrin straight up decking him in the face. You got the videos? I might be genuinely interested.

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I know that there's a few cosmetics and hats enable you to make a MoonMan loadout.

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All the TF2 mercs are based in their own way.

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A flattie machine DID provide a reason but uhh, you can imagine how vague and utterly retarded and vague it is.

"If earth was discovered to be flat, that would lead to people:

realizing God exists. Because the flat earth + dome model is exactly what the bible teaches. realizing they've been lied to and asking "if they've lied to us about the earths very shape, what else have they been lying about?? " realizing that Science inc is bogus. realizing that there was a concerted effort to suppress the truth and that they were lied to their entire life. It would indicate a vast conspiracy, not a minor screw up. realizing that space programs were fake and asking what actually happened with the billions of dollars of funding. etc That's why the flat earth model is hidden.

If the flat earth domino falls, everything else would fall."

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I'll give you a few tips:

  • Double spacing every line like it's print statements

  • Not realizing that the image was squashed to show that even the flat earth pictures show a curve

-glowing like the moon

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Beep Boop? Are you a r o b o t?

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Aether is as real as your god. My god isn't a floating wizard man like yours is, you retarded literalist.

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You and the image are both doctored. You have no soul. You are a scripted chatbot designed to make us look stupid and, as in the words of u/else, kookify us.

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I actually put the image in MS paint and squeezed it horizontally. It was definitely a forged image.

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Morons like you make it hard to do so. Shut yourself down.

-shutdown /s

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Your evidence is a 50 minute video of some retard bumbling on about how they don't understand gravity.

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You glow brighter than the moon.

How do I know you aren't an artificial script?

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shit you're on to something lmao

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Shit, gimme that link.

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Oh, this kooky garbage script again? I must thank u/else for the ammo to save us from autonomic machines glowing brighter than Venus.

takes a deep breath

REMEMBER! VITAL!!! Fake 'KOOKS' infest this site!

FUN FACT #849 : Anti Evolution, Anti Science, and Flat Earthers are mostly FAKE ACCOUNTS!

One thing both Glowniggers and Jew paid Leftists BOTH have in common, is that all of them want the more educated users of "Free Speech Hate Sites" to get disenchanted and flee the site.


Paid Leftists : JIDF/ADL/MOSSAD/ShareBlue

Paid leftist contractors working for ADL/SPLC/MOSSAD/ShareBlue also utilize "space is fake and gay, no dinosaurs, earth is flat" kookifier attacks

"kookify" topics include basic denial of science, biology, chemistry, history, physics, space, and even how nuclear weapons exist.

Actual real Fed glowniggers do no harm here yet, other than possibly to lower IQ by 'kookifying' using flat earther accounts, just like jews do to break up high IQ social groups. Glowniggers LIKE this 'de facto' honeypot and want it preserved. But they do not aid it too much.

One wants an accidental honeypot of average IQ Whites working, the other jews listed desire all Whites fragmented and disenchanted on any site offering news.

About 20% here on ConsumeProduct.win are JIDF/ MOSSAD/ ADL/ SPLC/ ShareBlue/ CIA/ NSA/ NRO/ FBI/ DIA/ USDOJ/ State Dept INR/ USAFISR/ DOE/ DHS/ TFI/ ONSI/ NSF/ USPS. On preview.goatpen.co its shockingly over 50% proven leftist subverters, and approaching 40% on talk.lol the last 3 weeks. (Mainly by all the non-shills fleeing those two sites, accelerating their doom).

One user minimum from EACH of the above. NSF Too? Yes, $ millions even for NSF to surf ConsumeProduct.win :


USPS too? Yes not just millions for NSF, but even the USPS monitors White Hate on social sites to allow access of FBI/NSA databases:


Fed Glowniggers do not try to ruin their own important unwitting-honeypots though, the Paid Jew leftists seek to ruin important unwitting-honeypots:


This site is being dumbed down in stages on purpose

Few high IQ people whom are not paid leftists will remain, and very few will ever join. This is because higher IQ people loathe hanging out in social groups with too few other high IQ members, as written about in many psychology texts , papers, and essays on the "intellectual chasm", or "IQ barrier" (they all coin other euphemisms though).

In fact, oddly, the CIA actually invented "kookifying social groups" decades ago, but the CIA actually desires this site to exist and draw in high IQ 'dangerous' White people, as a from of honeypot. Other fed agencies have other motives though.

Many groups try to break up "hate thought enclaves" by "kookifying them"

The reason "kookifying" works is that high IQ people in countless papers and books are known to gravitate to areas with not so many low IQ people.

In fact, though astronomical odds, MOST (more than half) of older persons with an IQ of 130, have 6 of their closest best friends, in real life, if listed, ALSO are IQ 130 ave.

Mathematically for a group of 7 (6+1) to assemble by happenstance all with IQ 130 is quite unlikely, yet it is the norm for the highest IQ people. That is an example at how profoundly intolerant of "normies" AND "idiots" high IQ people are. They hate associating on forums lacking high IQ, and is why they are driven offsite using "shill tactics" by "anti hate thought" branches of many major nation states as well as many many divisions of USA gov itself.

Feds and Leftists have "kookified" forums by targeting SCIENCE and TECHNOLOGY news forums with "flat earthers" etc. Even on dead old voat.co they did it. It worked. Archives of voat.co from 5 and even 4 years ago show that MANY skilled high IQ scientists used to participate on voat.co long before its collapse by having every Science news discussion invaded by paid attackers typing "SPACE IS FAKE AND GAY" on 80% of science threads, unrelated to space, or arguing with the 6 scientists that used to be there every factual statement they made. Then the educated mostly all left DISENCHANTED, forever.

These fake "kooks" run by Feds and Jews have immense effect. They argue nonsense and keep it up, to disenchant and demotivate their targets.

The original voat.co 4.5 to 5 years ago had a minimum of 7 hard scientists on it, then 6 , then 5 , then 4 then just 3 due to fucking disenchanting paid leftists paid to ruin free speech web sites like this one , fucking up all science threads with "space is fake and gay".

You just have to recognize the kookify tactics used by literal Jews, and non-Jew "three letter agencies".

These shills FEIGN STUPIDITY! kookify' attacks are by people posing to be illiterate

They also add copious amounts of deliberate typos and bad grammar to help chase away educated and high IQ members from disgust.

I speak the truth.

Very soon, in a few months, ALL those paid leftists will start unleashing hell onto the "Free Speech Hate Thought" sites, via running instances of the totally free open source GPT-3 chat bot released to spooks recently and mankind called "GPT-J-6B – A 6 billion parameter" the most advanced AI chat bot on earth.



a FEW test users on this site are 80% of the time assumed output from that free open source AI in a pre-trial phase. The attacks of all White social forums offering News links, will commence in late summer of 2022, before midterms. Many sites but this one, will die first.

I don't wish to start wars with "kooks" on this site, so I will give a link to ACTUAL comments of a kook on another site who stopped abruptly when outed, and swapped to other alts on other sites :

EXAMPLE of a REAL government paid KOOKIFIER account!: Study every comment at this link typed his FIRST WEEK!: https://www.talk.lol/profile.php?user=Native&view=comments

See the earnest effort of that paid Fed (/Native) at spreading lots of kookifying remarks IN ONE WEEK! :

Here's a video on the nuclear hoax

OJ's son was insane and hated his wife and said multiple times that he would kill her. OJ took the fall to protect his son.

Here's a small novel on why Lincoln [president] never died: http://mileswmathis.com/lincoln.pdf

We never landed on the moon.

Nuclear bombs don’t exist, the reason Japan surrender was because Russia declared war on Japan.

There’s not one picture of the Civil War that is not photoshopped.

E=MC2 which stands for Einstein married his cousin twice

Here is an engineer who broke down why globalism doesn’t work https://youtu.be/flXvrTyPugY

Eratosthenes Was a myth you can’t measure the circumference with two wells

I enjoy these debates and pissing people off

Nobody has ever flown over the South Pole.

But you still can’t “catch” a virus standing next to someone. It’s impossible.

You can’t catch a virus, this is why a virus has never been isolated. Because it can’t, your body creates the virus just like it creates cancer

I realized I had no idea why I believed in a Globalist earth and started doing research and realized Globalism is based on a lie

ALL that are ALL his posts and ALL in one week and ALL from his corpus of remarks provided to him on paper to be a ONLINE KOOK!

I bet he had 50 more dimwit zingers before being outed as a paid kook.

Too bad these fake Flat Earthers DEVASTATE the average IQ of "Free Speech Hate Sites" by disenchanting all the high IQ members and making them flee.

The paid kookifier's treasured goal is to start with simple questions , acting like a young school kid, toward a seasoned scientist or highly educated person, then gradually act more and more insipid and stupid in their back and forth retorts naysaying everything stated. THE ATTACKS WORK!!! The scientists all eventually flee the sites!

So the two factors that work the fake paid "kookifiers" use :

FACTOR 1 : insurmountable intellectual chasm There are books, papers, thesis papers, and more written on the "intellectual chasm" when two people differ too much in IQ.

It is called the "IQ barrier" or "intellectual chasm"

You will find several papers and books that use alternate terms

Sadly that term "intellectual chasm" was taken over and abused by normies, so other terms also exist. Its covered in a good book by Aaron Clarey entitled "The Curse of the High IQ"

But it is a fact that if 20 or more points of IQ deviation, it starts to get impossible for two people to communicate with each other.

The higher of an IQ you have, the less you are able to relate to others with lesser IQ. Every discussion devolves into baby talk for a simpleton.

High IQ people get put into this spot in debates far too often, so sadly learn to flee and run early and often.

FACTOR 2 : Educational Hatred or Envy In humans, IQ envy in school, results in "hating" the : CLASSROOM KNOW-IT-ALL, the EGGHEAD, the SMARTYPANTS, the POINDEXTER, the NERD, the TEACHER's PET, the DWEEB.

This makes the higher IQ RAPIDLY flee normie groups when feeling 'attacked' from misplaced envy. It is not really hate, it is ENVY.

Low IQ primates ENVY the higher IQ.

Similarly average looking females in schools all act like they hate the hottest girls in High School, and hate the head cheerleader, but these hominids actually ENVY the beauty of the blonde White beauties.

IT IS ENVY, and only psychologists know that "hatred" of betters is really misplaced envy.

Now, you too know.

High IQ people get put into this spot being the pariah of mobs of normies, so sadly learn to flee and run early and often, even from PAID FAKE SHILLS pretending to be average IQ or low IQ.

They flee the "Free Speech Hate Site", or under-contribute. Both are the same sad result on the site.

There is too much to discuss. I could have added 10 more science links, but this is pedantic and tangential enough.

By the way, one "Free Speech" site took action against paid fake "kooks" : Poal.co site has the first admin in history to flag 85%-suspect "KOOKIFY" accounts with a "GLOBE ICON"!

Flagging and marking "kookify" accounts, keeps more scientist folks online, when scientists know they are being baited or arguing with a paid fake 'kookier' account, to make them feel like tools.

TL/DR: Though elements of the first Apollo moon walk seem suspicious, Flat Earthers are mostly FAKE ACCOUNTS!!! Remember they are here to ruin this site!*

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