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I don't care these people are disgusting hypocrites and will never change.

Stop with antisocial media posts try posting some self improvement stuff.

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He was a smart guy but a bit too idealistic.

He's certainly less shady than both your

parties founders Muñoz Marin & Ferre.

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That family first attitude helped the

jews & italians become equivalent to

"whites" in america when they weren't

considered to be whites before.

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Centrist in his house bravely facing violent

fascists and communists in the comments.

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We need to make antifa and their murderous ilk look like violent madmen.

There's no need to stoop down to their level unless its in self defense ;)

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Go get that stuff checked out at the dentist

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Cool you could fix your phone but

its still chinese cringe Nokia 4 life

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B-but hierarchy bad!

Muh nordic system!

not real socialism!

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.You're entitled to own a piece of land and a cow the rest is your job.

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I hate what Biden wants to do to America and the people

here in PR cant see it sure they think he's gonna give us

statehood but Obummer just left us with PROMESA the

democrats never deliver on their promises its always bait and switch

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Brits did that true but don't forget these

countries allied with the nazis in ww2 war is war

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I wish they were doing that to the liberals who defend them

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One of the remarkable aspects of the Job poet's vision of nature is that it so

completely unsentimental. The creatures of the wild are endowed with an

instinct to nurture their young. For carnivores, however, that nurture involves

violence destroying living creatures in order to sustain life in the offspring.

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The oldest profession are hunter gatherers

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Literally Everything = Fascist

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Security guard you get payed to relax all day until something weird happens

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I might move to saudi arabia they have strict no porn rules however the muzzies don't take kindly to outsiders

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I knew a messianic guy he said that the whole situation in Israel is fucked

Netanyahu is a murderous zionist shill & the Palestinians are crazy terrorists

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A relic of classical liberalism

Catholic church

A relic of the medieval ages

None of these run the world they are a distraction for conspiracy theorists to hide the actions of the banking elite

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