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Jews control the Freemasons. Jews control everything man.

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Yes and no. It just depends on whichever concept you’re speaking of. Evolution is a lie of Judaism, just look at the noses of the people who spread it. I’m not so convinced of the traditional creationist narrative, but the only thing I can say 100% is that evolution is for glowies.

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Yup. A huge spike in degeneracy has been taking place on this site.

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Drug user. On an anti consumer forum. You’re the type of Jew I speak of in my post. Find the Lord Jesus Christ and repent of your sins, He loves you more than you know. Go to Church and read the Bible; pray your heart out.

If you aren’t Jewish then stop glowing. I can practically hear the change in your beard.

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I know he’s not incredibly popular here, but the reason is 100% Jordan Peterson. Like him or not he is the greatest evangelizer of this century. He speaks to people like me who were frankly, coomer atheists. He showed people like me that there has to be a higher purpose for living. Once you swallow that pill, Christ is the logical step.

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Christian meditation is overlooked and is probably the best thing for the Christian spiritual life if it feels “same-y”.

This is contrasted with Eastern gay meditation which literally invites demons into yourself.