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We don’t need them or their help.

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This won’t help anyone, just lead them down the path of deeper sadness and prevent them from actually healing.

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What a faggot. Stop watching porn and go the fuck outside.

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BEST ONE YET! I actually gave a hearty chuckle when I saw this, instead of the usual half smile of mild amusement.

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I think their hidden behind their stakes

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Redpill me on these demons. Can’t find anything on it.

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Even full beaners are smarter than Africans

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Killed every white man woman and child on the island now they eat mud cookies

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So the problem will solve itself?

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Sacrifice everything

God I wish we had a struggle worthy of this. Corporate success ain’t it tho.

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It’s not a bad idea if the state is actually benevolent and not a degenerate scum government/population like current day USA.

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She really has gone downhill hasn’t she. Imma take some heat for this but politics aside, she was cute about 2 years ago.

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That’s it, I’m going prot.

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This man is one of my personal heroes since I was a kid. I randomly chose a president to write a school paper about and found out about the absolutely gigabased Andrew Jackson.

Whole family killed by British and indians, grows a red hot hatred for both, fights in the revolution as a child, becomes a lawyer and militiaman after, later fights in 1812 and absolutely slays the British and indians by the thousands. Then after that war continues kicking redskin ass all over the continent. Eventually sending them down the “trail of tears” Also participated in many duels and even beat the shit out of a would be assassin with his cane.

They don’t make em like old hickory anymore

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He also didn’t mobilize the panzers right away and made the battle at Caen instead.

Let’s face it, the worst thing he did was start taking meth at the advice of his (((doctor)))

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Fdr was chomping at the bit for war with Germany also. Supplying the Judeo Bolshevik USSR, even while we were committed to neutrality and the VAST majority of Americans against getting into any European war.

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If he didn’t invade the ussr, they would have invaded Western Europe by about 45 or 46 with an absolute onslaught of massive, motorized armies backed by a fully industrialized Russia. All of Western Europe would have been communist. Hitler saw his opportunity when the ussr was weakest and nearly pulled it off.

I’m sure you watch a lot of (((history channel)))

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hail victory

Guess I’ll buy the soap now

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