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Looks like book burning is back on the menu lads!

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Indians only use spice as a way to preserve food because they still don't have fridges or freezers.

The taste is a complete accident.

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Lets say the structural integrity was eventually compromised by the jet fuel, what are the chances of two near identical buildings both imploding into their own footprints.

With how the planes crashed in an asymmetrical fashion one would expect the weakening of one side over the other, causing them to topple over rather than implode.

This toppling over would probably at a minimum leave 1/4 of the base still standing fairly intact.

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Her face is parabolic, probably to better receive instructions.

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Stop local welfare and sending aid, enact the NAP, sit back in your machine gun nest and spray down hordes of niggers.

You thought niggers were bad now, imagine them without gibs.

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Also "show tits!" when someone claims to be a woman on an anonymous forum.

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Which is exactly why it is trending.


Lars Vilks, a Swedish artist drew muhammed as a dog in 2007, and he had been under police protection for over a decade now as he had a price on his head.

Lars Vilks and his two bodyguards died in a car crash going across the median at 100mph into a lorry, the car was a 4.5 metric tonne armoured Land Rover.

The story goes that they always drove that fast to make sure no one was following, and they had a chase vehicle hanging back ready to pounce on anyone that attempted anything.

Supposedly they had dashcams installed, so we will hopefully find out what caused the car to veer into the opposite lane. They currently believe the cause is an exploding tire.



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Jokes on them the NAP doesn't apply to subhumans.

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It's a divine premonition, but not enough of us listened and simply said "OP is a schizo".

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I thought sucking blood baby penis was the crème de la crème?

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Test made her think logically.

10 years of birth control probably fucked her up by lowering her testosterone and sexdrive thus her will to establish a family.

Birth control really needs to be banned, it makes women even more irrational than they already are.

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I don't need to, that's what we have the muslims for in Sweden.

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I agree with your take on tariffs in general, I was specifically mentioning the goal of carbon tariffs.

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Yeah I've seen his content and some of the stuff is mindboggling, people walking around in literal sewage as if it was completely normal, living in houses with no doors etc.

I think the only reason he is still alive is because he has this "aura" of idgaf.

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Before he got in the pool it was only half full.

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The climate agenda is all about ruining western economies with tarrifs and taxes on goods that aren't "green".

Once most of the economies of the world are closer together they can take the final step into a one world government.

They already experimented with this when creating the euro and saw the devastating consequences GDP differences have when you link your economies.

It's all about that slow slide, boil that frog until the whole world is like India.

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I started lifting and not wanking is really fucking hard, because I get so horny from all the test blasting around in my veins.

I've been watching Golden One recently again and he was talking about doing a tech fast, only training and reading classical literature. No electronics at all.

I think I really need this but my day to day life just requires it for everything and it infuriates me.

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That doesn't work in Sweden, rapefugees have used AKs, pistols and munitions from the Balkans since the Yugoslav war.

A legal weapon has literally never harmed anyone.

The last time they tried to steal legal weapons the sparks from the circular saw (on the weapons locker) caused an explosion and blew one guys head clean off and maimed the other one.

Apparently that locker was where he stored all his gunpowder, and cause the thieves couldn't see inside the lockers they eeny, meeny, miny, moed themself on the wrong locker.

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If it's anything like Sweden a "competition" could just be you and another bloke at the range, only difference is that you register the score.

Just checked and internal club ladder duels are counted as competitions in Sweden.

Sweden is much more lax than OZ though, but they do have score requirements for advancing to the next stage of weapons.

2-4 years and you can have a semi auto AR-15 30 rounds in the mag (but don't tell the leftists that).

We also have dynamic shooting that is accepted within the sport nowadays.

You wanna shoot with a glock 40? You can do that in Sweden, there are competitions for every category you could imagine.

For sports shooting you are allowed the standard mag sizes for the weapons, which is pretty cool.

Hunting license is piss easy to get but you are very limited on capacity, you could get almost any rifle if it is considered for long range shooting, as long as it doesn't have pistol grip. Shotguns are 2+1 and rifles are 7+1 shots.

You also cannot have a record of anything jail related.

Another hilarious thing is your license is literally an unlaminated piece of paper.


Things could be better, but it's pretty ok tbh.

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