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Isn't it odd that the entire world is behind their propaganda, but ours is created by a bunch of lone wolves, yet we still win the propaganda battle?

This is one of the biggest white pills out there.

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Women's hypergamy is what it is. It's been around forever, and we wouldn't have made it this far as a society without it. Step up and do the work and chase excellence and you minimize your chances of that happening to you.

Note that I said minimize not eliminate, since as they say 'she's not yours it's just your turn'.

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Man that is shitty to hear, I thought they'd be the last to hold out. It was one of my fallback options, knowing full well they'd never fully accept me but with the understanding that they'd at least run a functional non-pozzed society.

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You don’t have to do anything in this life constructive or meaningful because it all gets accounted for when you die.

This is the reason I turned atheist when I was 18. I still describe myself as a recovering Christian since I'm no longer sure there isn't a God, but your point was one of my motivating factors for stopping belief. It gets people to accept any fate and it doesn't even matter what you do in this life, as long as you believe. So it's rife for getting abused by people who have no morals and no qualms about destroying our society with non white conquerors.

Edit : "it makes people easy to control" if I could put it succinctly.

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Just like Maine, the whitest and safest state.

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This is my stance too. She'll reach people that we could never dream of communicating with, and at the very least she's already put the seeds of critical thinking in her followers. Even if she makes a complete about face the damage will already be done, so to speak.

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This was literally my plow horse dad. Very successful financially but never around so my mom did most of the parenting. Didn't really connect with my dad until I was about 30. Thank God I had video games and books and didn't do anything retarded like these faggots.

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This is like friendly fire being turned on, they fell for their own propaganda.

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I like math because there's a right answer and that's it. You can't BS your way through advanced math.

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I like being replaced, as long as it happens legally!

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Not all cultures are equal, I wish society would stop pretending otherwise.

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Everyone, especially the ones who are dating and young, listen to this man. It's unpleasant but it's all true, 100%, and accepting it will make your lives and relationships with women infinitely better.

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If it benefits ZOG then they'll find a way to do it across planets if they have to.

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This is how they have always gotten away with it, eg "experts say", "Constitutional scholars say", "medical professionals demand".

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This is something i need red pilling on, was it the Muslims or the Jews/neocon/neolib powers that be that arranged it?

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Jon Stewart aka Jon Leibowitz.

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King Jew crying Chuck Schumer. You couldn't make a caricature as perfect a representation of Jewness as he is, it's uncanny.

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For no reason at all, 109 separate times. What are the odds?

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Because this is one of the few places on the internet I can still use that word.

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Napoleon Dynamite was the last comedy I enjoyed, or even laughed at.

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