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Hannity is the biggest retard on Fox News and that is a hard trophy to get he also sucks more Ukraine dick than anyone I’ve seen on TV and that is saying something for Fox News

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MGTOW and incels are the same ideology one is just nicer and both are the opposite of human nature and they encourage men to isolate and becomes losers rather than build a great society and have a family

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The police knew he was a threat since he admitted to wanting to be a mass shooter way before this happened and since he was in and out of a mental hospital that usually prevents you from buying a gun

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handshake account

galaxy brain take on viruses

Nice forum sliding

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The buffalo shooting glows he mentions all this gun stuff the liberals want to ban and he copy pasted a million Nazi talking points that looks like something MSDNC would run describing trump voters and the timing is too convenient

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The buffalo shooter is a my little pony loving schizo fag

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Is that the gun he used it’s a pretty shitty looking AR15 and I’m not talking about the scribbles

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Just keep shaming the incels and get them out of this board every time I criticize the incels they come out to downvote me

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opinion immediately discarded

Only proper response to any fact checker

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There’s a massive crime wave right now in most major cities in the US

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Unironically being a land Chad beats inflation according to the boomers I talked to. 2008 is the only time the land chads got wiped out

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Imagine believing that inflation is 8% or whatever the news is saying since most things you buy have increased in price a lot more than 8%. Inflation is probably double what the news and government claim it is. There’s not a lot you can do to fight inflation other than own real estate according to people I talked to that lived through the 1970s and 1980s. I’m spending less money right now

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Get ready for another summer of riots and leftist violence. Childless women now have blood lust. Abortion is the central piece of the lefts satanic ideology

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Read the Bible and go outside do not consume the black pill

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They admit what they want in the open. Listen to the words of this song this thing wants power to abuse others but wants to live a lazy and self indulgent lifestyle. It has no ambition and just wants what it wants like a child with no impulse control

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The Covid vaccine doesn’t work people who got 4 shots are still getting sick and in the past if you got a flu shot then got the flu the shot was considered a failure. In America even most of the young liberals are sick of Covid restrictions because they want to engage in summer hedonism. The liberals I see that still fear Covid are old people which makes sense and then soccer mom types and morbidly obese minorities otherwise I don’t see people wearing masks outside of these groups.

I think another Covid wave is coming up so the democrats can rig the election with mail in votes because everyone even the liberals in my area seem unhappy with things which I’ve gotten both to admit America is slowly collapsing

Covid is real but it is essentially the flu and no worse than the flu. I had it and was fine but some friends had it and they got sick but it was only bad for a day

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Is this actually the nick Fuentes Twitter account? Also is he based or not I heard he had a boyfriend or something gay like that?

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