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This happened because of a lack of bullying. Maybe some will help him, and increase the rope rates.

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I don't care if I hurt a tranny rapist's feels, some people need to be bullied more. He clearly wasn't bullied enough.

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"Fellow redditerinos, I smoke weed instead of follow God! This is true freedom, those Christians are burdened by their silly morals and ambitions!"

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I think if she's that easy to manipulate and goes with authority, she'll follow you if you act as positive authority. But if things are really bad, leaving is always an option.

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An ultimatum is a bad idea I think, that will likely end up, even if successful, in her thinking you are an enemy or forceful, as she is clearly hardwired into npcism. Don't rip out the wires all at once.

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Try and be there as much as possible. You said yourself that she did this when you were separated: she clearly is very lost. The best thing you can do is be there for her and near her as much as possible, be a positive and kind force in her life, and I think things will work out. Just stay consistent and kind, and spend lots of time with her if possible. Don't get the clot shot, and you might still be able to change her mind with a month left.

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That's what higher race ratios, national pride, and health standards get you.

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You can't decieve God. God knows you use his name in vain when you do. Jews think they can run, but they're wrong.

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I think the point is, it's so easy to do what the government tells you too, especially if media and (((society))) tells you to.

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Got my puppy deloused!

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This rare redditor only appears one in a million redditors! Quick, get him before he gets removed by jidf!

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This is what the Bible says! Yes, I'm an atheist who ignores the Bible, what does that have to do with anything?

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If the adl hates him that much maybe he is worth supporting. 🤔

by Samurai
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Nationalism for me but not for thee. Closed borders for me but not for me. In doing this (((They))) are pretty much admitting that these things, along with racial consistency and purity, are vital to a nation. Doubt not that nationalism is powerful and what we need: our evidence is the jews' attempt to undermine it.

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Ask; when they come for you, who will be kicking down your doors?

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I cracked at schizopoetry, good read but I'm not sure what it was about

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