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Looks like u/RightSideFunding already took care of the impostor.

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Willfully and repeatedly ignoring every single warning he has been given, plus admitting to having hundreds of socks he used to spam the site.

A breakdown on how it got to this point:

  • u/ZoomerCrusader banned him for 1 day for glowing on u/SpecOpsGlowie, I don't remember the exact comment which was the issue. OP sperged out in the modmail and brought out dozens of socks to spam, which he uses to raid TD until banned.

  • https://consumeproduct.win/p/140IwfKmgM/x/c/4JIO6KBCU9x?d=50

  • https://files.catbox.moe/sjirom.PNG (all sockpuppets of OP)

  • All of the spam gets upvoted, somehow sock comments on posts already long since nuked also get mysteriously upvoted and responses downvoted. With him having admitted to owning hundreds of more accounts, it's easy to put two and two together. Coincidentally someone else, u/CheapChinesePlastic, was complaining of his post being inexplicably downvoted in favor of SpecOpsGlowie's comment.

  • Permanently banned on all accounts known at the time for spam and vote manipulation.

  • Joined ConProd with a new account, u/Insurgent, I knew from the start it's him, but ignored it.

  • A few days later temp banned for using ConsumeProduct as a means to harass u/catsfive (a GreatAwakening mod) repeatedly. Obviously we can't allow this. I don't think Win's admins would be fond of a subforum which raids other ones and harasses their moderators with u/ pings on completely unrelated stuff.

  • OP immediately returned with another account (current one) and continued the exact same behavior of pinging catsfive and random boomer conservatives on TD he hates.

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Try posting the original article link next time instead of google amp.

Here's what I get if I open it: https://files.catbox.moe/jea3i9.jpg

It tries to download a font file instead of the article, and it's not just me. Someone reported it.

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Removed because what even is this? It downloads a .woff2 file.

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Who's all been banned?

The person you're responding to and the gorillions of socks he used to spam the site and manipulate vote counts in response to a 1 fucking day ban on u/SpecOpsGlowie for something completely unrelated (by zoomercrusader for rule 3, that's why he hates him).




I know he's the same guy because all of his alts are used to troll TD. And we have the totally not another sock TimeTravelerGlowie coming out of the woodwork in support of him yet again.


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Yes, it is completely off topic. I may be on the list of mods there, but I haven't taken any action at all or even care about it all that much.

FW is not supposed to be for serious discussion, more of a meme board. On c/frenworld you are supposed to use frenspeak, exactly as if you were on the old, now banned, subreddit. Don't know what that is? A complete archive of r/frenworld exists on archive.org.


About the logs: I'd prefer to keep them open just so the likes of you can't accuse us of deleting random shit, others hate that. So it is what it is.

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The only reason logs were even set to public at all was because of then and his unfounded accusations of us censoring random shit he posted (none of it was true btw with the exception of a badly received "lets go brandon" meme).

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It's a 1 day ban intended as a warning, stop stirring up drama. Violence advocacy has never been allowed here and was always taken down if spotted by someone who cared.

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Seems like they're gone now. Thanks for helping out, u/PurestEvil.

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Nothing interesting at all, I opened the link with Tor and it's just the usual escort service scams. Definitely made by some pajeet.

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The captcha was on for making the account, but not for making comments with it.

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Update: C enabled the captcha and fixed the filter. Let's see if they finally stop now.

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Oh God, that's an onslaught of spam users...

And I'm sure it's a deliberate decision for them to do it on Sunday too, when the dev is offline

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By these specific porn bots just this place. I've seen a bunch of extremely obvious series of vote manipulation bots on this list though that don't target ConsumeProduct, so other wins get attacked too it seems.

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Yes, lol. Catbox is an image hosting service.

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I don't own the .win network, u/C does. And he doesn't appear to be online right now to address the issue. That's the problem.

I believe there already is a captcha for signing up, but not all that effective as you can clearly tell.

ConsumeProduct was under attack by the exact same bots last month (same text, links, username patterns and all). C then enabled a requirement for all new accounts to fill out a captcha when commenting. That stopped the bot wave at the time.

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