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The mass psychosis that the feds are everywhere at any time is the biggest fed operation ever pulled off.

I'm saying this as a non-amerimutt. It might be justified but it looks pathetic to outsiders

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I get most of you are american, but most of the world has no means of self-defense and no supreme court to stall the mandates for another several months. If in the end it turns out that the USA is the one country that gets out of this fine I will lol. I will admit I always pictured the juden would get you first

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🤔🤔 Wait why are all the true theories in the red zone? 🤔🤔

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for the time being these are used to quarantine travelers arriving from abroad

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women fighting back? I'll believe it when I see it

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Two more weeks and we stop following jurors home!

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Why are you taking this at face value? This is typical politicking. If you pay attention to politics you'll realize that both China and Russia use neoliberal morality to bully the west into fucking themselves over even more. He doesn't believe a word he's saying. This is sabotage at its finest.

Russia is a cesspit too, but for different reasons

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Yikes! Islamophoby. Not wholsum

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Age of consent should not exist. It implies allowing sex outside of marriage.

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Can somebody explain whose idea it was to allow the general population to own dogs bred specially for bloodsport?

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Nature doesn't care about your ideology

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Humans are more trusting of the colour white. Also water is wet.

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it's a very good comedy if anything, If you look at it like a sketch depicting some made up dystopia where people's primary religion is built around some kind of virus.

Hahah can you imagine

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