Don’t feel I need to add much more but as an anti-coomer website (as well as consumerism) we have to acknowledge that catcalling women, especially young teenage girls, is the most degenerate casual behaviour - I’m sure many of us idealise having a family one day and we’d hate for our daughters to be treated this way and there is no excuse for it.

I remember that video of that woman walking around NYC and being catcalled/harassed - funniest part of that was there was 0 white guys in that entire video and when people brought this up the makers said ‘oh white people did it too but we edited it out’ like does anyone believe that? If white people harassed her they would’ve had those videos front and centre - and then Gillette did that ‘boys will be boys video’ and showed a white man about to sexually harass a woman and then that epic saviour black man stands up and stops him, such over-compensating bullshit to mask the reality that these harassers are overwhelmingly black/foreign.

Anyway my main point is - if you catcall women you’re a coomer scum who is making gender relations worse and engaging in jogger behaviour, we’re better than that so I hope you all agree.

One final point I’ll make is, I get why men do it.. because like being a salesmen it’s a numbers game and for every 99 offended women who are damaged by it.. that 1 does say yes and that makes it worth it to them. Six years ago I was walking through a rural town and these drunk overweight men came out the front of a pub and started calling to these women, I looked at them thinking ‘Jesus fuck get ahold of yourself’ then suddenly these women, not bad looking, on the other side of the street looked at each other and laughed then walked over and joined them and then walked back into the pub with them - that was a massive black pill for me as I realised that men engage in this behaviour because sometimes it does work.. and 99 no’s mean nothing to them if they can get that yes.

So in conclusion: don’t do it because it’s degenerate, negro behaviour but at the same time men do it because it does work for them sometimes and women need to understand that the reason why it persists is because their fellow woman lets it be an effective tactic now and then, which is more than enough for these degenerates to propagate this behaviour.

Think of your daughter/future daughter - don’t do it - rise above this primal behaviour.

Be good people CP brothers - we owe it to ourselves and our culture.


Let’s analyse these two subreddits.

BPT: locks almost every single post as a ‘country club’ (cultural appropriation btw) where only blacks can post and the white, funkopop consooming, cucked subscribers take it with a smile, not able to contribute because they’re not allowed and they know ‘their place’ and so just upvote blatantly false/misleading posts about how white people are the biggest threat to the safety of blacks (the people who brought them kicking and screaming into civilisation, showed them the complexity of the wheel, gave them reparations through gibs from taxes and a higher standard of living that Africa couldn’t offer them in a million years, which they never thank us for and who are also 25x more likely to assault a white person than vice versa).

No one can challenge these posts because you have to prove your low iq to even contribute and even if you do photoshop your arm to become a CC member the moment you point out this bullshit they rescind your membership and ban you.

‘Man white supremacists are such a threat.. even though every black person I know or who knows someone who was gunned down was killed by another black gangbanger, racist white people on twitter are our biggest threat with their mean words that acknowledge 3% of America is committing over 50% of violent crime - yeah that’s the real thing we should be focusing on, not the gang violence in Chicago this weekend because remember how 3 years ago when that white person blah blah blah’ same talking points we’ve heard a million times.. and every week there’s another story about black on white violence that is swept under the rug, and the only times it’s not swept is when the racial identity of the perpetrator isn’t made clear at the start but the moment it is revealed it’s instantly memory-holed (Coulter’s law).......’ post after post on BPT is like this, talking about how the NATZEEES or KKK (which has about 50 members today) is what is holding them down. Nazis/white supremacists killing blacks is about as much as an epidemic as vending machines falling down and killing people. How do these people believe this bullshit.. oh because they have to.. because the alternative is racial introspection and that would destroy almost every media narrative that supports them. BPT wouldn’t lock their threads if they had overwhelming sourceable, evidence to support them. Imagine a subreddit that claimed 1 + 1 = 2 - do you think they would ban people for saying it equals 3? No because they’d be able to refute it logically and make those people look stupid, but there’s no statistics which support their narrative - and the evidence stands that the biggest enemy of the black American is his fellow black, (like slavery where they were sold by their fellow black, and they benefit more from being a descendent of the sold than the seller because they get iPhones, mc donalds and rap music whereas the descendants of the black slave-sellers have malaria and 30km walks for dirty drinking water.. as Muhammad Ali said ‘thank god my ancestors were sold as slaves’) but the media can’t roll with that so these useful idiots can’t allow discussion because their entire ideology of being oppressed as the main factor of their failure would be discredited and the alternative explanation would be irreconcilable with the notion of racial equality. But I’m not mad at these people for lying and seeking to serve their races own self-interest, I can almost respect it... but whitepeopletwitter... dear god let’s talk about whitepeopletwitter.

WPT: 1/3 posts on this subreddit aren’t fucking white people but non-whites talking down to whites people as the subscribers jerk themselves off to their white-guilt and scream ‘I’m so sorry’ - I swear WPT is a fetish subreddit for cuckolded white people who get off on being talked down to by people who despise them. Every single post is critical of white people, that they’re not ‘doing enough’ to correct injustice, which is to say that we offer non-whites a better life than their own countries ever could (even if we never visited them) but because in a few studies it appears they might be a standard deviation lower therefore we’re the bad guys. Also, where is the white country club? Oh no please Rajesh and Jamal come into this subreddit and tell us why we’re so bad, we’ll shower you with upvotes and awards and put your voice at the top of a subreddit that supposedly dedicated to the minority of 8% of the world’s population. If white people had any fucking balls on reddit they would lock the subreddit as a country club in the name of equality but they don’t want equality, they want to kowtow to compensate for the pathetic display of 15th century people given the fruits of an enlightened society. Imagine taking a beggar in off the street and they complain about how slow the wifi is and make you feel bad about it.. it’s unbelievable how WPT let’s themselves be talked down and so I’m convinced it must be a fetish subreddit.. or it’s a white minstrel show to make a false consensus.

Last point: that black NFL player who killed 5 white people, the doctor who treated him including his two white kindergartene children made me so fucking livid and there was 0 coverage on reddit except for the smaller subreddits - if that was white on black everyone on reddit would know every single member of that family’s name and BPT would have post after post about it because it would finally prove the bullshit they want to believe so much - but not a single post on WPT for this racial attack.. nothing.. if some white guy is enraged by this story and punches a black person you’ll hear that story ad naseum and not the massacre that precipitated it.

Anyway sorry for the long rant but fuck the pathetic ‘whites’ of WPT - it has to be a fetish.. there’s just no other explanation. It’s all so... tiresome.


I'm pretty anti-pornography because I'm not someone who understands how a whole industry can be built off a the release of a fleeting feeling you get from watching two other people have sex, which any normal person should follow with a period of self-hate/harsh reflection, yet this industry stands to be bigger than hollywood and the frontrunning cause of one of the worst trades in history; the human-(sex)trafficking,taking advantage of young women/men, and serving to, among other things, ruin the relationships between men and women in our society. Jesus just read about the horrible experiences behind GirlsDoPorn, it makes me livid. This obviously extends to sex-workers as well, the common thread is the lack of father, or loving dad. I work for child protective services and I've enough anecdotes to supply a whole study, there is a single factor almost always in my profession.

Look at school shootings, blacks in gangs - the common thread is again, the lack of father figures. I swear i've searched through the most notable shootings and can't find one with a decent relationship with their father.

The main thing I'm getting at here is, I reckon there is a big failure with modern men to be father figures and yet a lot of these men who are the cause of this sit around and make fun of the victims of the consequence of this societal decline. But it's not entirely their fault.. Consider how the single mother rate for blacks in the US was 30% in the 60's and has jumped to close to 70% today. This is without a doubt because of welfare and the fact that women can be 'married' to the state and make an income off bringing another fatherless gangbanger into society without being able to give them any meaning or structure for their lives. I'm not saying a single mother can't bring a child into society who is more productive than someone raised by two parents but to deny the evidence that the latter is far more likely to benefit the child is delusional, and on a wider-societal level those differences are extremely pronounced.

I warned this was a rant so I guess the main conclusion for me seems to be the welfare state and the dominance of the ((owners)) of the porn industry, without a religious/moral pressure to restrict them, are the biggest cause of today's absence of good dad's and the rise of hedonistic simp-subsidised whorish behaviour (and the internet of course) has fuelled this to a ridiculous degree.

How do we honestly change this? Can we? Because if we can't then I don't know what future we're resigning ourselves to, does it have to get worse faster to get better?

Hope this didn't come off half-baked or schizophrenic, just want a discussion on this topic as it means a lot to me.