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There are many influences. Therefore the biggest influence is irrelevant.


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Wow. That would be an infuriating statement coming from a Palestinian. But coming from an Israeli, it's so much worse.

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Lol, that's literally the most believable facet of holocaust denial. I haven't seen the wooden doors, and I haven't talked to any witnesses. But what I do know is that the media is run by Jews, and the media is more than willing to lie to serve an agenda. Maybe Jews arent using their influence to promote a massive lie, but they obviously could.

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That's precisely the point.

Some people take a look at one snapshot of TDW and say "Ew, look at all the kikery, pathetic."

But if you observe over a longer time frame, you can see that kvetching has increased only in response to a more rapid increase of based redpills, which are causing a chain reaction.

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It took me a couple hours to learn how to play, then another dozen hours to learn that I actually didn't know how to play.

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Fake and gay. Doesn't even sound like a 58 year old republican, at any level.

No way they would say they "witnessed" Reagan. Their first presidential vote would have been for Reagan. They might say they "witnessed" Carter, and that's why they voted for Reagan. Their political conception would probably be defined by Carter and Reagan. They wouldn't just mention Reagan and an unspecified Bush.

A Republican would give, some, any, context for the nature and sincerity of their political conviction.

A true old republican would distance themselves and their party from the "alt-right," not insist that the party as a whole embraced it.

No Republican would act like an abortion ban is an attack on women. Nor would they conflate pro-life with anti-science.

They wouldn't say POC or latinx. They wouldn't clutch their pearls at building a wall or saying "China Virus."

They wouldn't say "No cap" or "I'm legit scared."

They wouldn't use the word "reactionary," and if they did, they'd know how to spell it.

They wouldn't have a reddit avatar in a onesie and Deal With It glasses.

No real life conservative I've ever met has ever thought that Trump caused a change in the Republican party. Every Republican off the beltway understands that Trump was an effect of people being fed up, and he just gave them an opportunity to voice it.

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there’s not much incentive in nature for parasites to evolve to spread specifically through faggotry,

But parasites can influence the behavior of their hosts.

"If I give my host a scatological fetish, I can spread easier."

That's the evolutionary proposition, at least. It's a pretty shaky theory, though. Parasites couldn't be a singular cause of gayness, because you would need to be already infected in order to be vulnerable to being infected (unless molestation is a strong enough primary spreading event). Also, the fetish would probably have to be for exposing your own feces in order to spread the parasite, which doesn't quite fit with buttlust.

I think a more vague explanation of mere contribution makes more sense. Suppose parasites influence their hosts by inhibiting disgust responses and increasing lust. That could reasonably result in poor hygiene, scatology, and promiscuity, that would all promote parasitic spread. It could even mean presented homosexuality for a susceptible subset of the male population.

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Man, why did the Nazis move people between camps so much? When they failed to kill someone, why did they move them instead of trying again? How did they manage to kill so many people when they were so bad at it that their victims didn't even notice the attempted murder?

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What's your deal? I can never tell whether you're trying to defend jews, because "they aren't actually trying to ruin things," or you're trying to rally people to action, because "they're not actually doing anything about it," or if you're just pure dooming, but if in that case, why are you so damn angry about it?

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"There is a quote from a movie that accurately sums up my feelings on the matter."

"How can you believe this just because a BEAR told you to??"

This is the kind of thing where I just assume it's projection. OP gets her beliefs dispensed to her in complete packages by whatever cultural influence has the most sway over her at the time.

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Typical janny. Acting like they're some cosmic guide and shaper of communities, rather than a literal janitor.

Boo hoo, your vision wasn't compatible with reality, therefore it's everyone else's fault.

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Wrong. Atheism is not for the braindead. It is for midwits.

I'm a recovering atheist myself. I recognize all the sentiments in that post. In every single facet, it is experience and maturity that has made me realize just how distant those simplifications are from real religious understanding.

The atheist looks down on the low IQ idiot who says "my mom told me unicorns exist." But real religious belief for actual thinkers is far more intertwined with the apparent patterns and uncertainties of the reality.

If I asked my past self about demons, he would think of horned hell creatures that physically manifest and trick people. And if I said that much of moral corruption could and should be regarded as demonic possession, he would dismiss that as a fruitless metaphor at best. Flimsy metaphysical cop-out at worst. But since then, my conception of what can be "real" has expanded. Perhaps rather than demonic corruption being a metaphor (ostensibly analogous, but empirically disconnected), it is instead an intangible reality (fully real, but on a dimension of experience that transcends the material).

It is there, in the possibility of an objective yet intangible reality which nonetheless governs the reality we experience, where religion lives. We imagine angels and simulations because we can conceive of them materially. But icons can represent elements of deeper truth. Religion is the process of trying to perceive that truth through our material lens.

But sure, it's all just "Muh bearded sky daddy".

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TDW is becoming increasingly less and less based.

That's an illusion. Two things are happening:

  1. Cracks are forming and widening. JIDF agents and brainwashed boomers are springing into action, trying to patch up the cracks. The reaction is getting more obvious because the problem has never been this big. Shilling wouldn't be on the rise like this if the underlying userbase weren't getting more based.

  2. People who take the next level of redpill are finding new places. They're coming here, or going to Gab. This leaves the leftovers with a higher density of boomer, twitter-posting MIGAtards.

This fission is a good thing. More people become redpilled, causing an allergic reaction in the community (1), then they continue to aggravate or splinter off to a new, more based community, or both (2). What you call "spillover" can more accurately be called "polarization." The part that is spilling over is not the same as the part that is left behind.

None of which is to say that having more communities and backups is a bad thing, or that this place may not one become compromised.

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Man, it's weird looking back just a year and a half ago.

Things were starting to lock down, and it was strange. But I wasn't that worried. It was probably an overreaction, but there was fog of war. I thought people were for the most part acting rather well-intentioned and reasonable, even if imperfectly, given all the uncertainty at the time. People started wearing masks, but I didn't even know where to get one, and it wasn't a political thing yet. I was optimistic that this whole thing would lead to de-urbanization and international decoupling, particularly from China. There was an event in June I planned on going to, that and I was pretty sure it would still be on, if people were reasonable.

By the end of that summer, the world had gone mad and it was clear that was covid was being used as (or even manufactured to be) a weapon to take out Trump and to permanently bring the economy under direct control of the elite.

And now with the vaccine, there's a full scale war being waged against human dignity itself.

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They would just bring up the same garbage they'd bring up when you asked why Trump was so bad when he was in office. They didn't even feel the need to come up with a number. They could just say "people don't feel safe" or "not respecting human dignity" or "damaging faith in democracy." In other words, "I'm a pussy who is freaking out about shit and that's concrete enough, reality be damned."

Shortly after Trump won in 2016, I asked an upset friend what he predicted would happen that would be so harmful. I wanted specifics. Answer: "He's already doing harm because I have Mexican friends who are scared right now." Okay, he's bad because people think he's bad, and they're justified in thinking he's bad because of all the bad he's causing by making people afraid that he's bad. I'm so glad we cleared that up.

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Crop rotation is an important remedy to disease. Fungus and bacteria in the soil that thrive on a certain plant will be minimally present one season. If you put the same plant in the same soil next season, the malefactors will have the opportunity to grow exponentially, potentially devastating the crop. So you rearrange the plants each season, preventing soil borne pestilence from getting such a foothold.

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It's not an exact copy of Twitter. It's kind of a hybrid of Twitter and Facebook. You can follow people, like Twitter. And you can follow groups like Facebook. And you can post long messages like Facebook. I guess it's more like Facebook than Twitter, except that it's meant to be used as a pseudo-anonymous public forum like Twitter, rather than having any pretense of representing a real life friend circle.

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Multiple times in my life, I have heard civic nationalist boomer types say: "Racism is bad in all its forms, except when it comes to Gypsies. They're honestly just untrustworthy thieving scum."

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Which one of them is supposed to be trans? It's hard to tell.

The Scott Adams lookin dude on the left shows no signs of being trans. He's holding a thing that says "she/her" though, which I guess refers to him? Other than that, he seems to be the poster, and the profile pic/name suggests he might be a troon, even though the main pic doesn't.

Carlos Mencia on the right is wearing a flower in his hat, earrings, and angry feminist glasses, but he also has what looks like a non-trans gay flag, so he could just be a fag. No other indicators of femininity. Also, he's geared up and on the team, so he wouldn't be the "trans sister" that got "rescued".

The guy in the back is literally just Clive Owen. I don't know what the suicide vest is for. Maybe that was the terrible situation.

Literally the most feminine thing about this picture is the fact that it's a self congratulatory selfie.

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Makes sense. I was just going back and forth with him and if he's not trolling, he's just nuts. He's doing that thing they did on r/AskTrumpSupporters: No matter you say, no matter how obvious or unobjectionable, they act like it's bizarre or incomprehensible.

In this case, my contention was that "it is not common knowledge among primary school children that aluminum foil has a coating of aluminum oxide, which is not conductive on its own." To him, that assumption was ridiculous and unimaginable. For it to be true, it would mean a massive failure of the educational system, according to him.

That's the kind of thing that makes me assume they're getting paid per post to disagree with anything.

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No it isn't, you lunatic. I did the electricity experiment in 4th or 5th grade. Basic chemistry was 3 years later. But even in more advanced chemistry classes even later, we still never covered the coating on aluminum foil, because that's neither interesting nor significant.

What has led you believe that the chemical composition of household items is a standard part of every curriculum, and that it is ubiquitously known before the age of 10?

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Holy shit, are you seriously suggesting that they scribble graphite onto paper to make a wire for an experiment?

Hey kids, make a messy and fragile one-sided wire out of paper so that graphite dust can get all over your hands and the electrical contacts. Or, use this simple strip of aluminum foil that literally works perfectly.

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