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As long as they work and mind their own business, I don't care. Avoiding ghettos is the best protection you can have.

I go back and forth if there are more tolerable blacks than Jews or vice versa. Asians kind of piss me off these days too because they're like Jews. Only my kin and conservative whites make for good company, it seems these days.

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Count Dankula's moved on from pugs

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Yeah, I struggle to understand why people dislike interest being charged on loans on this forum. The problem with banks in this country is that they are shielded from failure at the cost of the taxpayer.

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Yeah, I thought this was funny back in the day, but now I realize that this is just off-putting behavior. I used to think the black guy at the end was typical ghetto trash, but now I think he was in the right.

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I agree, a lot of this will be people thinking they have to comply. The only thing I can think of where all states comply is if Congress fucks with the money provided to states by the Feds.

I'm pretty sure a lot of the gibs are over and evictions start in 2 days. I know in my city the cops are stretched thin and won't be able to do much about enforcement if their priorities remain the same.

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I haven't seen signs of this being true in my daily life, but yes, the corporate leaders hear things first.

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I say he's trustworthy, but a lot can change in 2 or 3 weeks. He provides good insight, but I'm not 100% confident this is true. The only idea I have that this could be enforced is if Congress fucked with the money doled out to the states.

Best thing to take away from this is that too much whispering goes on in DC. They can all fuck off with whatever they are doing.

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Yeah, I think the control of the narrative is not entirely in the hands of the Feds. We'll see what happens. Looks like a few of the fed GOP are resisting when it comes to masks, but they're silent about the shots and mandates.

I've spoken to people who have received the shots and they don't want to comply. I'm going to start telling them none of this is about a virus. I'm still reluctant to tell them that I have not gotten any shots.

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I don't even know anymore what will happen. But yes, rebellion in all forms is needed if anything is to be reversed.

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I often give these people the benefit of the doubt and assume they are well-meaning in being skeptical of authority and acknowledging the difference between knowledge acquired by oneself and knowledge given by an authority. However, their energy is wasted on these endeavors that are meaningless.

Why care so much about the Earth being flat or the Moon landing being faked? Focus your energy on your present life.

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I love the 80s wrestlers. Andre, Hulk, Macho Man, Ric Flair.

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Gotta maintain the illusion. Keeps people distracted from the real issues.

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My go-to when i don't go the gym

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Rip CPD. I remember watching the video of this specific incident. The protester was was indeed a fucking faggot

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Oi, ya got a loicense foh dat potbelly?

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I think it's just nude photos, but yeah, disturbing

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