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and everyone else on that show.

What's wrong with Emilia-tan?

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It would have taken you less time to double-check than to write that comment https://gab.com/a/posts/108235404328349950

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Are you a doctor at YorkU though?

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Correct: Hypergamy brought us Africa, Monogamy = Europe

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I uploaded the file to online malware scanners, The ones I used did not report an issues.

While this particular file may have been clean, Every sub is vulnerable and everyone could have clicked on a malicious file you did not notice.

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I just looked at the Exif data, u/then is right that this is not a jpeg: This is a WebP file.

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I'm sure the M is just a Cohencidence

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All CoC are gay.

The only based, short and to the point code is OpenBSD's:

Intelligent people may look at the same set of facts and come to very different conclusions. Repeating the same points that didn't convince someone previously rarely changes their mind, and irritates all the other readers.

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I don't know whom downvoted you then, but here's an updoot to balance it out. Keep up your info dumps

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Chinks are short

Prefers to date a manlet instead of race mixing

Pretty based if you ask me.

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Honest mistake on her part: She doesn't know who her dad is

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I like Hana. Are you sure you don''t mean the top left? Subvooorters made Hayacchi's skin non-white because "she swims a lot"?

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I am not an expert on any of this

It is not an easy problem to solve, needs a lot of compute power for both training and inference.

Hmm.. Lets see if we can use something off the shelf: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/GPT-3

Microsoft announced on September 22, 2020, that it had licensed "exclusive" use of GPT-3; others can still use the public API to receive output, but only Microsoft has access to GPT-3's underlying model.

Thanks, Bill Gates!

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It is just like women that say they are Bi to fit in with the herd but only date men. You're surprised that the LGTV gang is all mental illness?

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Insightful take!

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Isn't he contradicting himself with that insult?

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ARPAnet and its consequences have been a disaster for the human race.

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Hmmm... I wonder (((who))) wrote it

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