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One side claims the driver is a christian, Other side calls for embracing faggots and troons.

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Fair point, Getting positive engagement over there is a low bar, But still a lot more effort than previous attempts

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If Andrew can be absolutely 100% sure that the US Government can't touch him for #2

Yeah right, It is not like the US government would ever work behind the scenes, using a puppet regime to do its bidding.

cough Julian Assange cough

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FreeBSD is a user-friendly SJW-infested OS that cares about shiny new features and being user friendly over privacy and security. They almost totally botched a recent major release due to BS.

OpenBSD is a Theo's dictatorship - he doesn't care about feelings or causes. Old-school Linus Torvalds like but with a focus on security above all else.

The only concern is that NSA and other glowies donates funds to OpenBSD because they want to use it internally.

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Linux is compromised. They disappeared Torvalds for a few months for "sensitivity training" a couple of years ago - only brought him back after he cucked out. And his daughter is an outspoken SJW.

OpenBSD is the way: Theo de Raadt refused to adopt a CoC and told all the infiltrators to fuck right off.

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I read the comments on hacker news: they are all celebrating the troons and saying that if use epik for anything at all then you are guilty by association with neo-nazis. Employers should use the list of epik users to screen candidates https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=28531447

Off-topic: Reject emacs, Embrace vi.

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And it is gonna keep getting worse:

Oh we only lose a fraction of a % by moving from 32-bit floats to 16-bit

Hmmm, that is still too expensive goy, we need to save some shekels

Oh we only lose a few % by quantizing to INT8

Hmmm, that is still too expensive goy, we need to save some shekels



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It is a double huh?!

Never thought I'd see Nicki Minaj in there. The meltdown from her swollen testicles and you'll become impotent warning has been TOP KEK.

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And that we may be delivered from unreasonable and wicked men: for all men have not faith.

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Selling slim-fits of that size is a crime against humanity 🤢

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Please do goy, Just make sure the serial number is clearly seen in high-def: We don't want to spend unnecessary effort analyzing it on a sabbath

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A lot of congregations continue praying and/or singing hymns together in Church after the official mass ends.

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Oy vey... The Taliban crossed the line with their anti-semitism. Literal Nazis. The financial loss to the global economy is at least six gorillion dollars

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That's still a NO from me, I refuse to elaborate.

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Night? Nigel? Nigiri? Niger? Nigeria? What could be Batman?! I am stumped

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Burning is not proper disposal of hazardous material, You don't want to inhale toxic fumes King

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Oy vey... This is literally another shoah, AT LEAST 6 Gorillion E-THOTs will die of starvation!

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توسع أكثر يا لوطي

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