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Yeah, I agree with you, but still, Age and maturity =/= being exposed to Jewish anti-white garbage

There's a reason every single zoomer listens to only nigger music, They have to fit in, and it's what the jewish record producers decided should be the popular thing

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Homeschooled kids are more innocent.
At public school your kids will get exposed to all kinds of bad things.
Violence, bullying (even if it doesn't happen to them, If they witness it, it harms their innocence)
Nigger rap music, Porno, All types of degeneracy, with homeschooling you can avoid or prolong your kid being exposed to those things, so you'll have a happier kid.

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Jews literally fantasized about this and wrote about it decades ago. "The last white children playing with little dark children". Read the protocols.

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Maybe you are unaware the demographics of Toronto, or maybe you are just being sarcastic but yes:
51.5% of Toronto was "visible minority" in 2016. Which means non-white.
Over 1/5, almost 1/4 of Toronto citizens were not even born in Canada. And they are not born in USA, or England, or France, they're all third worlders
Now add 2nd gen to that, the city is massively non-white.
Now add to that the fact the government fudges the numbers and counts Middle Easterners and other non-whites as "white" on the census.

Scarborough North : 92% Non-White
Don Valley North: 70% Non-White

Maybe you guys don't realize how bad Canada really is. Canada has over 3x the immigration rate of USA. 30% of China's international students study in Canada. Canada has the fastest rate of demographic change of any Western country.

Just look here: https://omegacanada.win/p/11Rh1XOek2/were-number-1-boys/c/

"Canada is experiencing the fastest rate of ethnic change of any country in the Western World."

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Yep it is look here: https://i.imgur.com/4wMDp3L.jpg
You can see a poster of Terry Fox in the background.

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Im guessing it's because Canada has a very large Ukrainian diaspora population, and they've taken many Ukrainian refugees over the years

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its obviously fake. Notice how all the "solutions" proposed for global warming are the exact same things a globalist commie government would want to do anyways?

"White people, give up all your wealth and way of life to save the planet! and let the entire 3rd world move into your countries!"

Its just all about control every aspect of "global warming" is about restricting your freedoms and making the government control everything. Goyim you can't eat Meat anymore because of the planet. Goyim you can't drive your car more than 3 hours per week. Sorry it's for the planet.
Goyim you can't own a house anymore. Private property ownership is bad for the environment. Rental houses only. For that matter, rental cars only and they're electric and if you criticize any of this, your social credit score will go down you don't want to lose your job do you ?
Are you some kind of Science denier? The science says we have to live in pods and eat bugs.

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because we shouldn't keep vicious, unpredictable animals that can kill our kids in our homes?
Yes that sounds like a great society, everyone having vicious angry killer dogs? Wow, that's so strong and based. Surely we'd all get along better if we all kept violent animals to scare eachother.

Why don't you just get a pet Tiger? A tiger could kill a pit bull with 1 swipe of its paw. Their claws are so sharp they could cut through him like butter.

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The argument i've seen against this from P*toids is that "No pitts aren't more aggressive, it's just that they are more deadly when they choose to be aggressive because of their stronger bite"

The power of a full-grown pittbulls bite is equivalent to having your neck ran over by a Car. That's how strong their bite is.
Like if a pitbull bites your leg and latches on, It's equivalent amount of pressure to having a car sitting on your leg.
All pitbulls should be wiped out, this vicious race of dogs has no reason to exist.
They're not even cute, they look ugly to me.

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You can use a vpn but its annoying because it makes you fill out a captcha every damn 2 minutes.

The only "ip grabbers" are 13 year olds who think they are pulling some "epic prank" by telling me where I live.
The IP grabbing i'm not really concerned about, it's moreso the leftists who record you and then post it all over social media.
There's tons of lefties on there who are actually looking for debate. It's weird. They actively seek out debate but then their entire argument is "You're racist. You're racist. You're racist" I actually had people repeat that over and over again to me.

Even this one girl I asked "Why are you on this tag" She said "I want to debate with racists" but she literally had no argument, sat there with a blank stare like a deer in headlights whenever I countered one of her points

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Lol, I've gone on omegle myself a few times and debated with normies tried to redpill them. It actually does work. I debated this one girl for over an hour. Started out with her just repeating "Why are you racist" "Why do you hate brown people" eventually had her agreeing with me that there's too many Pakis and Muslims in England.

I stopped doing it though for that reason, kinda risky. Someone could record me and get me doxxed, fired from my job etc.

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does this guy have a bitchute channel or something so I can see all of his content?

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Even after that happens they still won't realize they're wrong
"The demoralization is complete and irreversible"
Even if their own family got raped and murdered by a pack of savage niggers they'll say "Well race doesn't matter! What does race have to do with it? White people commit murders too!"

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You don't even have to be religious to be against gays.
You can be against them on completely secular terms.
Facts like: they're extremely promiscuous, have fuckloads of sexual partners, massive high rates of STD's, high rates of child molestation, and also the fact that it's just unnatural, they can't reproduce. They can't carry on their genetic line and give their father a grandson. Etc.

Gay guys have such high rates of STD's that the gay dating websites actually make you post your HIV status on your profile.

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Maybe you are unaware of what the schools are like these days. I know a guy with a 10 year old daughter who calls herself "Non-Binary" and the dudes wife is a total SJW globohomo propaganda machine. And they live in a Red State.

The schools are nuts now bro. They start learning about this shit before they can even tie their own shoes. They have propaganda tailor made for children. They read stories where "The mean white kids bully the black boy because of his skin color"
They read stories about "The boy who liked other boys".

They have children's books about every leftist cause. Climate change, environmentalism, open borders, racism, socialism, wealth redistribution, even books about Donald Trump.

Look at this woman's website. She's an educator who teaches kids aged 5-12.
This woman teaches in rural Wisconsin, so her students are almost all White.

Look at the "Recommended Books" lists. https://www.heisereads.com/2019/01/05/these-are-few-of-my-favorite-2018/

Over half the books are some type of globalist propaganda.

Lets see some of these books:
"All Are Welcome" -- basically a book about open borders / multiculturalism
"Hey, Wall!" --- Book saying that walls are racist
"Dreamers" --- a book about illegal immigrants and why they're so great and should be let in.
"Dont Touch My Hair" --- a book about a black girl who gets mistreated by white people.
"Mixed" --- a book about Race mixing and why it's so great

THESE ARE literally just a few examples! Go down the list and search the books, almost every book is some type of propaganda.

And this is just where it starts. They subtly plant the seeds using kids stories and colorful books/lessons, and then very quickly it ramps up to actual social justice. Kids in grade 6 were making "Black Lives Matter" projects and writing stories about police brutality and george floyd. Sex-Ed starts before kids are even 10 years old in some cities, and they teach them about sex toys and masturbating.
If only you knew how bad things really are

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I have a large nasty scar that I got a tattoo to cover it up. If it wasnt for that I wouldn't get one.

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of course Jesus was white, that's why the jews hate him so much.

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  1. Japan is orderly and has very low crime rate. The police have nothing to do.

  2. Japan is 98% japanese and doesn't allow mass immigration of 3rd world trash.

  3. Japan was allied with Hitler in WW2.

  4. Japan admires white people. Just look at their anime, video games and such. They draw themselves with white features, blue eyes, blonde hair etc.

It's not a perfect country but it's certainly in better shape than most of our White countries are.

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That's telling you to do charity with your own money. Not take other people's money and redistribute it.

But yeah, i am not necessarily against socialism. I'm in favor of National Socialism, not globalist socialism

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Jesus was Levantine, they're kinda different from what people assume a typical middle eastern person looks like. look at Assad, he's fair skinned and has blue eyes.

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Twitter's idea of socialism is "Take white people's money and give it to niggers" I'm pretty sure that is not in the bible.

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I used to drink an Ensure every day and also take a multivitamin.

Protein shake in the morning, Ensure later in the day. Multivitamin with dinner. It's good to do when you're a beginner and starting a good diet/workout regime or struggling to hit your caloric goals.. It can be overwhelming if you try to go from lazy to full on fit right away so it's a good stepping stone.

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any news outlet that capitalizes "black" is fake news

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I've bought a few things off it.
Try to avoid it as much as I can, because the majority of the products are Chink garbage and they're a company who mostly employs third world labor. I try as much as I can to shop at white establishments.

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