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They’re still faggots and that’s what matters

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I wouldn’t call the eradication of blacks humanitarian

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About Jews: no its not only race, the Jewish elite worships satan and wants to eradicate Christian society and they do it on purpose.

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I forgot about porn: pornographers should be executed

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If they stay in Africa and aren’t used to replace the white race. You can’t expect me to believe that a whole raze deserves to be annihilated.

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Yo, just because I’m introverted doesn’t mean I’m a faggot or something

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Pagans when they mess their rain dance and starts raining cum

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My guess guess is: we’ll get a Ted Kaczynski part 2 one day, for no reason at all.

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He’s probably joking, a man this anti porn can’t be cucked

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The movies are ok, the problem with capeshit is their fans. They take movies that are, essentially, for kids way too seriously

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In World War Two there were no “good guys”. Germany killed 20 million Russians, Japan did experiments with humans, USA did the bombings of Nagasaki and Dresden, and I could go on and on. Hitler identified the enemy of his people but he just made everything worse for us now.

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Personally, I love Tarkovsky and I love Kurosawa. One film that I always go back to is the Treasure of Sierra Madre, and today I also rewatched Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid. I like modern films, but the older you go, to more based they where.

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“So yeah, we wanted to be able to get fucked in the ass and the people from Israel thought it was a good idea”

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Maybe sexism, transphobia and xenophobia might be kind of good sometimes(every single time)

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