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Turks are jews that pretend to be European because they took over Byzantium.

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This may be true but then does that mean those that didn't according to this, hadn't one player that knelt?

If so good.

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Ran unopposed and I've heard people say he only did it for lulz. So whether it was for real or for lulz it still says a lot about the state of affairs.

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All of us in good standing that are in Democrat controlled regions should run as democrats and subvert them. It's a thought.

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A coworker and her bf got the vax. She took off for her second round. She told me she had dead arm all day and was worried. Her bf was sick af for 2 days. When she came back to work she had zero energy for almost 2 weeks. Every day I'd inquire as to how she's feeling. Prodding asking if she got rest. Im not sure if she is in denial of feeling like shit due to it or believes she made a good decision. Probably the latter. Everyone with a vaccine I'll keep tabs on. Like to see who's still kicking in a year

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It's funny you say that because I believe every pro blm white liberal should be left alone for 2 weeks unassisted in a black city.

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Wishful thinking. That theory operates on the premise that democrats know what we know and as a means of creating a race war/societal divorce they must let the nogs and pedophiles run rampant on white society in order to provoke us into a hard lined identitarian voter bloc?

That's some Q level wishful thinking.

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crackdown on lgblmnop rights

You read it right there folks. They believe they have a right of access to children.

2000: they insist they're not coming for the kids, paranoid bigots

2021: access to your children is a gay right

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No need for all the pageantry. I can read. It says Kia Soul. Right there.