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Amongst whites midwits are the real retards

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eat shit, faggots

they already do

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This is what we get when children are raised on the narrative that popularity is everything

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Lmao (((human rights)))

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It kind of sounds like you're shaming masculinity here, bro. There's nothing wrong with being attracted to women. The problem comes from letting them off easy because of it

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Coyote is slang for "smuggler of immigrants". She thinks they're literal coyotes though

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Culturally speaking, captain America (or at least the american soldiers he represents) was on the same side as the nazis. They disagreed on a different set of issues

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That's anecdotal evidence. I'm willing to accept anecdotal evidence as an argument if you have noticed some trend or a situation that keeps happening over and over and over again, but that's not the case. With families like these you're statistically most likely to get a homo household horror story. That's what a general rule is

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Could be. Women are inherently sexual by nature, which is why slut shaming is such a key aspect of 99% of cultures. It's no surprise that suppressing these animalistic desires in women is directly proportional to a civilization's development

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Homosexuality is related to mental imbalances related to either mommy/daddy issues or self-image issues. It's the reason why the overwhelming majority of their relationships don't hold at all long-term. Fags aren't wholesome 100. The same personalty defects that drive them to homosexuality are also what holds them back from commitment and stable relationships

Sure, they might "want" that, but it's something that is fundamentally impossible within the homosexual mentality or lifestyle

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Read up if you're interested. It's something over 60% of them:


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If there wasn't would there be 8 billion of us?

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Imagine obsessively bending your social structure to appease people with literal mental issues who rarely contribute anything of value to anyone

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Because marriage is a religious institution and it implies creating a family. If you think there is any reason for marrying besides creating a family you've been brainwashed by neoliberalism. A marriage with no children is just fertile grounds for meaninglessness and cheating - a divorce just waiting to happen

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They still cheat like crazy, get anal prolapses, and spread STDs. So no

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Oy vey! Emotion has no place in a perfect society, goyim. Hate is henceforth illegal.

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It was like this for 10 000 years

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Literal paranoid spergs

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