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A bunch of them jumped on his stream, spammed nigger, and reported at the same time to get him kicked off dlive

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This will be the moment that forges gab or shatters it.

Let it be that we make it into what we need it to be.

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Where you going to get all those horses?

Sealed chamber in the back of a truck. Switch exhaust into the chamber. Get to dumping ground, just dump the back out and go for another fill up.


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Reminder that all which is lost may be rebuilt

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The upside is it becomes real easy to separate the quality from the refuse in your own people.

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A car jacking nigger is dead and nothing was lost.

The only shame is there are apparently more just like him to loudly complain and continue in his legacy, which is something that needs correcting.

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ohh shit turns out I have a xenogender after all

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Understandable 👍🏻 Will be looking forward to it!

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Please do, I would love a better version I could spread around and make a poster out of

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Your people are aesthetically and behaviorally disgusting. There is no world where you Jews truly win, because whites are the only ones compassionate enough to tolerate you and industrious enough to support you.

All other races will either slaughter you or would be unsuitable to keep you maintained.

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I mean, weakening yourself, destroying your brain and failing to have a sense of pride is all inherently anti-fascist.

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At the root of pushing towards the mother having control of the children’s lives is the understanding that women are far more socially controllable than men.

Women are weak, and a poor defense for children against the evils of the world.

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I literally spend my time on there helping mental special needs boomers learn to walk across the line to noticing.

It’s hard but rewarding work.

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FBI also concluded definitively that lee Harvey Oswald shot a magic bendy bullet at JFK.

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In case you show up Parler watch, you are your fault. You aren’t worth a serious relationship, the respect of your coworkers, or meaning in your life because you live constantly in supplication of people who will never view you as pure enough, and in reverence of outsiders who find your groveling pathetic.

Until you embrace yourself and the right of association with your own you will always feel empty and be left wondering why everything feels like more of a struggle then you can manage.

Work on yourself, have pride in your heritage and ancestry, love where you came from.

Find peace in who you are, stop fighting it.

Unless you’re a nigger, then feel free to neck yourself.

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I swear those smooth brains at Parler watch are going to take you seriously and post this thinking they are making fun of you because they missed your joke.

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Without cucked admins on their side they will do the only two things they ever do: seethe and dilate.

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Main stream Catholicism is too busy washing refugee balls to take up the mantle. You are going to need a different tent to get the crowd you want.

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He actually a homo? Haven’t seen that before

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The problem with communal living is that no one actually enjoys shoveling shit, and farming is back breaking labor.

When you have to do enough of it to feed people, you either require everyone to be healthy enough to do that (and the people attracted to commune living are rarely free of all disabilities, mental and physical) or you have to socially or economically coerce people.

I have seen communes nestled in mountain states hard to reach by the tax man. Good source of weed and other things back when that interested me. It’s always animal farm: some boxers being coerced into doing all the work while a bunch sit around and gossip. The boxers are always kind but spineless, good natured souls, the rest not good for shit, and the whole thing collapses when they run out of boxers, the rest overwhelm the boxers, or they fall pray to catastrophic planning.

But it’s always done through coercion of the usually charismatic by indolent leadership.

The important detail there is that they are ephemeral. When the collapse happens if they didn’t have a functional society to fall back on they would largely all die.

A society made purely of these communes would be a slow smoldering burn out of humanity as each little bubble pops and it’s members either find another commune or die, and as communes become overwhelmed by non-boxers they will turn aside refugees of collapsed ones out of necessity.

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Not all women are garbage just like not all men are garbage.

If we talked about the future based on what the average overweight marvel consumer is likely to be risen to we might as well all rope ourselves.

A lot of women hate and are disgusted by their broken thot peers.

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Parler watch is like our golden globe awards.

They aren't the Oscars, that's a torba repost, but they are reasonably prestigious.

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Put it to them, tell them you are turning them in, get them to handcuff themselves. Make it seem like if they comply and follow your orders they will simply go to the authorities.

Use them for a workout. Prep in advance a room, foam padding on the walls, hook and chain on the ceiling. Gag them. Pull them up so they hang by their arms.

Grab a bat. Start with the feet and work up. Don’t move up until the bones are broken. Go bone by bone, joint by joint. Avoid the spine.

Once their ribs are shattered, lower them, caustic for the eyes, face, tongue. Shatter the arms, easier if you break the elbow joints first. While they are on their stomach kneel under one arm and pull the other one up on your knee, keeping it in place by hooking it under that side’s arm. Their arm should be super extended at the shoulder with elbow facing you. Take your opposite palm and drive it into the elbow as hard as you can.

Once they are out of bones, wrap them in a rug, tape it up, and roll the rolled up rug around on the ground letting their weight shift across their broken bones.

When they expire dispose of the rug.

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Poal.co and voat.xyz are also small, cozy sources of goodness.

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