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Looks great. Wish I had room for a backyard garden but sadly I live in an apartment complex...

for now...

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His reviews are also skewing the charts on RateYourMusic.com , which I'm not sure if that's a bad or good thing. That place is a Hipster/""""""Art"""""" critic's paradise.

They half star the good music and 5 star "Art House" (avant-)garbage, making actually decent music more difficult to find since you have to skim through more pages of filth.

An album could be in the 3.5-4/5 star range and he comes out and is like "hurr duur 2/10" and all his cronies/fanboys run to the site and downrate the album to oblivion, even when it was decent music.

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And at the end of his life it will all be worthless and turn to dust.

Ecclesiastes speaks the truth, Kings.

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100% FALSE love. Lies. You want another Sodom and Gomorrah, Catholics? This is how you get it.


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"Once a great place, now a prison" - Detroit, Sufjan Stevens, off of his Michigan album.

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Lib left area should be empty, because they wouldn't have a government, nor a spokesperson.

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It's really difficult sometimes for me to hate the sin, but love the sinner, especially with how society is right now... You get where I'm going with this?

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Sure, that’s one way. I’ve tried it multiple times, but my brain just resets my router that has DNS settings on it. My router just factory resets and has an 8 digit pin I’ve memorized. Maybe I should buy a new one?

Now that you’ve mentioned it, I think there’s plastic (or metal?) router box that has a physical lock on it out there that I can buy to prevent myself from doing that? I’ll look around.

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Edit your hosts file to block porn sites as you see fit.

Doesn't work, you just delete it again. Sure, you could setup an Admin account and set yourself as a user with computer management and set the hosts file as Admin access only through privileges, but I've never had success with that route.

Now, using a program called Cold Turkey Blocker? Yes.


Purchase the full edition because it allows a lock with a password. Create a new block and put all the sites you use in there, plus the .exe's that are used to brute force delete it, such as revo uninstaller.

Set a password to 16 randomly generated characters+numbers (etc.), lock the block until the password is entered again, write down the password into a text file and either:

  1. Move the password file to a flash drive / SD card and drop it off at work, or a relative's home.

  2. Send the password to yourself using a future email sender such as https://www.futureme.org/

I did both just in case the latter shuts down sometime. I kinda do want my administrator privileges back after getting in full control.

Additionally, visiting a higher elevation area for a week (I mean mountains, 7000+ feet) with lower speed/poor internet made it much more difficult for me.

You also need to fix your diet/exercise habits along with this. Out with the bad, in with the good. Pray Continually, and let the Lord help out.