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Don't forget how she'll accuse EVERYONE of sexism at EVERY opportunity and destroy the careers of countless patriots as her life circles the drain.

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I expected the Jews to be blue.

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I've never met a leftist that I didn't want to kill with a hammer, however there's a small chance one might research Liberia and the red-pilling will commence.

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Should husbands not be allowed to drink?

Hitler had some awesome ideas for preventing political correction. I especially liked his plan to outlaw all politicians from stock market trading or running outside businesses or taking income from any other source.

The best way to deal with corrupt authority is to actually apply our laws to them - especially relating to treason. If we survive this Ɲew World Order Great Reset, we must have thousands of executions for treason.

We need politicians and CEOs in the year 2121 to wake screaming from nightmares about the consequences of getting caught committing corrupt acts because of how we are about to solve these problems today.

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Please understand that I'm not racist and most of best friends are lampshades.

That usually gets me banned from patriots and greatawakening. :-)

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Then substitute the African nation of Liberia.

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Nobody asked you to prove anything: I simply asked TallestSkil for the definitive proof that he claims to have. I'd like to see his proof, wouldn't you?

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FTFY: Jews are paying blacks and prostitutes to do this.

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I wonder if I could tear that entire thing out if I grabbed it with both hands and stood on her neck?

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I agree and I make no claims about the legitimacy of Q.

I want to see the proof the other user claims to have, but all I'm getting is screaming, conniption fits, personal attacks, questions and walls of text about his feelings.

Don't you want to see his proof too?

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a proven jewish hoax

I'm not interested in your name calling, screaming, feelings, distractions or questions: I just want to see your proof.

Please present the proof you claim to have.

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I see a lot of screaming, opinions and silly name calling.

a proven jewish hoax

You said you have proof and I'd like to see it.

Please just present your single best proof. You can throw a conniption fit if you like, but I'm only interested in seeing the proof you have.

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One of my best friends is a lesbian. She hints at it but has never definitively come out of the closet. She doesn't want to be gay. I suspect she'll die alone.

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My entire family have decided to celebrate Juneteenth by trying not to get raped or murdered by niggers.

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Too edgy!

You almost poked out my eye!

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a proven jewish hoax that existed solely to prevent the people most likely to violently revolt from doing so

Please substantiate your claim that Q is a proven Jewish hoax.

I wonder if you can, or if you'll immediately resort to personal attacks and attempt to change the subject. Will you claim I'm too inferior to share your definitive proof with?

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The best argument I can give to any politically correct liberal faggot is to let them finish dribbling their Bolshevik propaganda about how diversity is strength... and then ask them if they can name one successful African nation or community, anywhere in the world.

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"I think we should learn from the Jews and their nationalism for Israel: nation for the Jewish race... and transition America to a white nationalist country for the white race."

Say this to fuck with the normie's heads.

It's fun.

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Or we could just keep an open mind until a rational and informed judgement can be made.

All we know for certain is that Q is a psyop, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad.

You won't win a prize if you take a guess and leap to the correct conclusion.

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Transsexual mental illness is the perfect medical scam because the Doctor's make a fortune and the mistakes bury themselves.

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Our grandparents fought and died to protect the fortunes of Jewish central banking dynasties.

The same New World Order Jews who are now killing America from within, like a cancer.

For eight years, between 1938 and 1945, the people of Germany and Austria were free: no longer the usury debt slaves to the (((House of Rothschild)))... but the allies put a stop to that!

If we hadn't stopped those German Christians when we did, they probably would have freed everyone in Europe.

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Wrong. It was machine code not assembly language. You don't seem to understand the two are not the same thing. There is a difference between machine code and assembly language and I said machine code because I wasn't using an assembly language monitor but literally coding raw numbers into the 6510 zero page and memory. I was coding using numbers rather than using a language that needed to be interpreted by a monitor.

You're also wrong about naming the 6510 specifically because the C64 had more than one chip. If you spend enough time learning how a CPU works then using it's correct name comes naturally.

Apart from being wrong about everything you said, great comment!

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