I.E. if you are genetically 100% white but have a bad phenotype and facial structure (irish/asiatic/negroid) are you better or worse off than a mixed race person with a "white" phenotype/facial structure?

Genuine question.



You shall have no other gods before the Nigger.

You shall make no idols of anything besides the Nigger

You shall not take the name of the Nigger in vain.

Keep the Nigger history month holy.

Honor the Nigger's mother and do not question where his father went.

You shall not kill a Nigger for any reason. Not even self-defense.

You shall not commit adultery, unless it is with a nigger.

You shall not steal from a nigger, but niggers may steal what they like.

You shall not bear witness against a nigger, but allow them to get away with anything.

You shall not covet a nigger's goods, but he may covet yours all he likes because muh Reperations.

These are America's 10 commandments.


"removing 80% of the nerves in the penis and destroying the penis' ability to self lubricate has zero effect on sensitivity, and anyone saying otherwise is wrong"

People actually try to claim that, at that point its just cope/denial

"removing the foreskin makes the penis cleaner and leads to lower rates of STDs"

Sure and I bet removing all your teeth would make your mouth cleaner and lead to a lower rate of cavities too?

Come to think of it, you wouldn't have to worry about a stuffy nose or sinus infections if you just cut off your nose too.

And while we're at it, you wouldn't have to worry about athlete's foot if you just removed your feet.

Let's chop off every single body part that has the slightest chance of causing a problem, right goys?

"Removing the foreskin makes it look better"

Totally subjective, and not a good reason to destroy half the natural function of the dick

Circumcision, (especially infant circumcision) should be banned, its disgusting and there's no reason for it to exist.


A common gripe with America is the "mutt"ification of the population, with race mixing occuring both between races and between various European ethnicities.

I was also reading about telegony and the implications thereof. I believe a number of posts on telegony have been posted here recently by others so I needn't explain that.

In addition, the new Covid vaccines have been proven to alter DNA. And if it's possible to alter DNA in a person, then such alterations might be passed on to the offspring. Arguably, it might be possible to create a DNA- altering vaccine whose primary effects would only show up in the offspring (whether the Covid vax does that is as yet unknown)

Human reproduction works by combining the DNA of a man and woman. The exact "parts" of DNA from each parent that are combined is essentially random, which is why siblings don't always look alike even if they are 100% siblings.

I was pondering all of the above points, then something occurred to me. Suppose you wanted to reverse the effects of race mixing on a population. Might it be possible to make a vaccine that would select for certain genes in offspring? Meaning that mutts would only give birth to children that had DNA from their parent's white portions? Or that white parents would only have children with DNA from specific parts of Europe? Essentially reversing all race mixing in a single generation?

I described the scientific principles very simplistically so I may have overlooked something. But I want to hear real feedback about this, both from scientific and moral standpoints.

What are your thoughts?


A light always shines brightest in darkness.

4chan was and is one of the most degenerate sites on the web, and it birthed /pol/, which had tremendous impact on both 4chan and on the wider internet. Yes other 4chan boards claim to hate /pol/, but half the users on other boards are longtime /pol/tards themselves, so those claims ring a bit hollow.

Reddit is degenerate, arguably to a greater degree than 4chan. Unlike 4chan they censored their on-site opposition out of existence, which led to the creation of .win.

As long as .win allows ConsumeProduct to remain open, then this platform is still viable.

We have a chance to define the culture of this website the same way /pol/ defined 4chan.

Giving up now is a coward move.

Be the light shining in the darkness.


Taking college classes. One course I'm taking is a history of American food or something similar.

Day 2 of class, professor is already trying to convince people to eat bugs. Since poorfags in 3rd world countries do it, then we should do it too?

And yes I went into it expecting it to be a dumb course, just signed up for the easy A. But this transcended my expectations. People actually believe this shit?

I'm writing this while listening to the lecture, and now she's talking about how 3rd world people are unfairly stigmatized by the practice of cannibalism or something similar.

I. Will. Not. Eat. The. Bugs. AAAAAAAAAAAAA


Here is my reasoning:

Harris is very unpopular as VP.

Biden is falling apart mentally.

Midterms are coming up, as well as the halfway point of Biden presidency.

Originally many thought the plan was to prop up Biden in his seat long enough that Harris could be President for the rest of Biden's term, then have 2 terms after. But, Harris is very unpopular, even among Democrat voters. So she is unlikely to win 2 elections, or even one for that matter.

Going back to the Supreme Court- Breyer is stepping down and it has been announced that the replacement will be a black woman.

So what if they plan to put Harris on the Supreme Court, so they can replace her with a more popular VP that would finish Biden's term and win again in 2024 and 2028?

Harris spent most of her career in various legal and prosecutorial positions, so she is legally qualified to be a judge, and she is 100% Dem establishment, so she would make rulings as the Dem establishment wishes.

Her current problem is she is awful with public relations, which is a major issue for the Presidency, but a non-issue for a lifetime Supreme Court appointment.

TLDR Dems plan to kill 3 birds with one stone.

  1. They get their black woman on the Court to satisfy the voters

  2. said woman is 100% establishment and will make rulings as they say

  3. moving her to the court allows the VP position to be filled by someone that actually stands a chance of winning an election

What are your thoughts?



This is a closely UN-afilliated organization that is planning something for this date. I'll let them explain in their own words.

It is about spreading the idea that on an agreed date, we pass ‘officially’, by ‘popular decree’, from the old world to the new world.

On this date we will have a big party, a bit like a carnival, free, global, open to all : THE BIG SHIFT PARTY!

It’s about going from the Great Secret to the Great Decree. What is secretly expected by human beings must be decreed by them!

Sounds like another step in the Great Reset imo, but open to other explanations.

Edited to add: the wording they used is really bothering me but can't put my finger on why.


And it's literally just a flu-like fever, that is easily tolerable as long as you stay hydrated. I am standing up as I type this, with mild body aches and a sore throat. Not vaccinated either. Is this really what we turned the world upside down for?

Makes me even angrier now that I know firsthand it's no big deal.

Also several others in my immediate family of varying ages have it, (father/siblings) none of them are vaccinated either and all of us are drinking fluids and holding up fine.

Covid hype is bullshit.

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