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he never heard of Al Andalus or the Reconquista

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Irish are 100% "white" but have often been claimed to have negroid phenotypes, as one example.

Even within the white race there are noticeable pheontype differences between Western/Northern/Southern/Eastern Europeans.

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Southwest Utah? Near Zion National Park?

Only guessing that because I visited there once and your pic looks very similar

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We are a band of brothers and native to the soil

Fighting for our liberty, with treasure, blood and toil

And when our rights were threatened, the cry rose near and far

Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star!

Hurrah! Hurrah!

For Southern rights, hurrah!

Hurrah for the Bonnie Blue Flag that bears a single star.

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The Western Roman Empire never ended. It simply evolved into the Roman Catholic Church. Think about it - The Jews’ religion is centered on Jerusalem, since that is the center of their historical and cultural roots. The Muslim’s religion is centered on Mecca, for the same reason. The Catholic’s religion is not centered on Judea or galilee, where Jesus taught- it is centered on Rome, as Rome was the center of the Roman Empire that became the Catholic Church.

Lord of the Rings is based on real ancient history. Tolkien was part of occult circles at Cambridge that studied ancient texts and practiced remote viewing. CS Lewis was in similar circles, and Narnia is also (very loosely) based on real events past and future.

At a certain level of advancement, there is no difference between subjects. For example, Philosophy and mathematics are identical in concept, and only differ in the symbols used to express them. Mathematics is simply raw logic applied to relationships between numbers, and the variables that define those relationships. Philosophy is simply raw logic applied to relationships between ideas or factors that, unlike numbers, are too complex to be expressed through a single symbol and must be written out in words. To truly understand philosophy you must understand mathematics, as math is the simplest, purest expression of logic.

Most people have psychic abilities that are intentionally supressed through a combination of polluted environment, processed food, and social conditioning. If you have ever had a dream about the future then you will understand what I mean.

The placebo effect proves that we have the power to heal ourselves through simple belief. These abilities are suppressed the same way our psychic abilities are suppressed.

Reincarnation is real. All the quotes in the Bible about being "born again" are not metaphors- they are literal.

There is one thing in my mind that proves gnosticism is correct. All living things must kill other living things to survive. Plants are alive, they are murdered by animals who in turn are murdered by other animals or by humans to stay alive. A loving God would never create a world in which the living could only survive through murder.

Chris Chan is 100% right about the Dimensional Merge (dimensions coming together) which explains the Mandela effect and mass false memories. He can't explain it properly because he is a cartoon obsessed schizo motherfucking retard. This is caused by CERN, beginning in 2012. CERN just restarted in 2022 so prepare for more bullshit.

On the subject of Schizos: many are actually very smart people that are hyperaware of patterns which enables them to figure things out. In many cases Schizos become insane because they identify basic contradictions in reality that they cannot explain. Due to seeing far beyond what normies see, they cannot properly articulate their findings.

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HISTORY as we know it is fake.

We live in the ruins of the 1000 year Kingdom of Christ as described in Revelation.

The "enlightenment" was luciferian, Lucifer calls himself the light-bearer after all.

Up to 1000 years has been added to the calendar to deceive people. Look at very old grave stones, the year will be written with a J instead of a 1. E.g. it will say J600 instead of 1600. This is because it means in the year of Jesus 600. AD (anno domini) is simply the Latin version of this phrase.

Technology was far more advanced in the past than is generally acknowledged.

MIddle Ages (reign of Christ) was a time of great prosperity, "Dark Ages" are propaganda".

Revelation is real, we are halfway thru it already, at the time where Christ left Earth and the Demons must be let out.

The Civil War was fake. Not that there wasn't a war, but that the causes and events of the war as described today, are so manufactured, so far removed from what actually happened, that the version of the "Civil War" story as told today may very well be fake.

The environment and biosphere were significantly different in the past, with more oxygen and water in the atmosphere. This is why giants existed in the past but don't exist anymore, there isn't enough oxygen to support enormous sized people.

White People are the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. The Khazars are satan worshipping imposters from Eastern Europe.

The Rapture already happened, the dissapearance of all census records in the 1890s combined with the massive orphan trains are clues of this.

The real Holocaust was the World Wars, a mass culling of whites followed by the mass reduction of Europe's political power.

Hitler was possibly trying to restore the 1000 year kingdom of Christ, as evidenced with his "1000 year Reich" rhetoric.

Zionist Occupation Gov't is real and the root of all conspiracies. Although I don't think I need to explain this last one to ConsumeProduct.

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That's what gets me. People will just regurgitate other people's opinions they saw on TV word-for-word and consider that an intelligent discussion.

Did you hear about the latest environmental/racial/political current thing that is being screamed everywhere? No let me tell you about it by repeating everything the narrative says and treating any deviation from the narrative as a sign that you are stupid for disagreeing with the hive mind

Half the time, people just shut down as soon as you voice a contrary opinion because they're so programmed to only have certain thoughts that they can't hold a logical conversation outside of that. The other half respond by either repeating what they said or just get emotional.

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All you're watching is a puppet show, and

the whole world's a stage

Politicians they're just actors of course, And yeah,

They all get paid

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Very reasonable. Ironically that's a nicer and more "tolerant" worldview than the leftist mindset, where they claim to glorify niceness and tolerance while demanding that everyone has to think the same thoughts and have the same opinions.

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I can see the logic behind what your Algerian friend says, but I disagree with it. At any rate that's still a perspective I never heard of, so thanks for sharing it.

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Pretty funny of you to get mad at a "ur mom" joke when you were literally telling me to "try wet pussy".

The fact you resorted to that as opposed to actually addressing my argument tells me I am over the target, rabbi.

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Half of the surface area and 80% of the nerves.

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I have, your mother's is quite satisfying

Also fun fact, erectile dysfunction is only a problem for circumcised men. Sorry to hear you can't get pussy

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Removing the penis' self lubrication function and removing 80% of the nerves is not "cosmetic".

Genital mutilation is what these transfags are doing and pushing on our children

Circumcision is genital mutilation, transfaggotry is genital mutilation. Not identical, but both are forms of mutilation nonetheless. And both pushed by Jews, that's not a coincidence.

and the magnitude of infant life being snuffed out is far more satanic.

Just because one problem exists doesn't mean we can't talk about any other problems.

Maybe you're just obsessed with dicks.

Maybe you're just obsessed with mutilating dicks

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Silence, false prophet of the satanic Demiurge.

You want to talk about "TRAUMA" why not consider the MILLIONS of white babies YOU justify murdering in the womb

I never said such a thing

NEVER FORGET reprobate, the covenants of the Bible are GENETIC COVENANTS to WHITE MEN. What better way to signify that to a population? What better way to ingrain that GENETIC COVENANT YOU WANT TO HIDE than to cut away a skin tag?

If God intended us to be that way, He would have made us that way.

Satan advocates destruction of manhood, including destruction of the male organ itself. Hence why he told everyone to destroy the most sensitive parts of their penis. And that's why Jesus and the Apostles specifically said circumcision wasn't necessary.

But, at least they can't be lead around by some woman just by her touching i

Speak for yourself, coomer

Circumcision make a REAL MAN out of you

Removing half your dick doesn't make you a real man, retard

You want to live like the niggers.

And you want to live like sand niggers

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Nobody said we only had to pick one problem to solve. You presenting a false dichotomy makes it seem like you are defending genital mutilation.

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Millions of babies are physically and mentally scarred for life so that rabbis can be perverts and big pharma can profit off selling foreskins, and you're ignoring that because some babies are killed before birth?

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[bad thing] still exists, therefore we can never ever mention [other bad thing] that also exists

shut up retard

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the circumcision stuff is silly. Most cut guys never had a rabbi suck their bloody baby dick. HALF their dick was not removed and they work perfectly fine.

"Oy Vey, you should be grateful we only took half your dick goy! And we sometimes didn't even suck on the other half! All the negative effects are just misinformation lol"

Stop being so worried about other guys dicks

Stop being so worried about people wanting to ban involuntary genital mutilation, rabbi

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This wasn't in the movies, it was in the Expanded Universe which isn't canon anymore since Disney bought Star Wars.

Basically what happened is, Palpatine was trying to keep the Empire strong by crushing internal dissent and expanding the military, because he and the top level Imperial planners had knowledge that a large force of invaders called the Yuuuzan Vong were coming. They kept it secret to avoid mass panic, but the secret died with them when the imperial command was killed at the end of the original trilogy.

So the rebels took over, overthrew the "tyrannical" Empire and downsized the military. Then like 20 years after, got completely steamrolled by the invaders with little warning because lol no military.

I know comparing Star Wars to real life is soy as fuck...but I can't help but see a few comparisons there.

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Based and awake pilled

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Arachnosexuals are the most oppressed group in society

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