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Religion literally lifted us out of barbaric ways and the bronze age

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Not a cell phone in sight, just people living in the moment

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The difference is, the modern wagecuck mostly chose this, and sees nothing wrong with it.

I'm going to be honest, I wouldn't want to be a serf. Nor a peasant. It is indisputable that quality of life today is much better. You just need to have the willpower to make use of it

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I saw a few people try to deny he even raped his mother and that it is ok because it is consensual. His mom probably forgot, blah blah blah.

It is sickening how far they go

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And his entire family

In montreal, I lived in a two bedroom apartment and had a white husband, black wife neighbor. I shit you not the entire family lived in a two bedroom one bath apartmment. Grandparents and everything

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Yeah right, (((josh milton)))

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This also explains why people with larger dicks are more likely to be mentally disabled

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no one, the only thing going bang is the gun

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Leave no reply, give them no satisfaction

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no, but looks good

Did you grow it?

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Virgin trying to look good for the media vs Chad "nobody asked"

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There will be 55 states 😳 annex canada and greenland when?

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The cake looks like dust put under a microscope

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Violence and unprovoked racism is just retarded.

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The only thing you'd be seeing is the cell in JIDF headquarters

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Or it went straight to the (((Politicians))) pockets. Not to mention a lot of politicians start "research" administrations just to put their name on something and for bragging rights.

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Competitively racist. Spouts crime statistics Casually says nigger. Oversimplifies a lot of problems. Constantly scares off normies who don't understand the context.

Otherwise, a strong a minded individual with good direction.

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The problem is, most men aren't able to support them because:

  1. Consoom, all those subscriptions and collectables whittle down their money

  2. Inflation

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A lot of women secretly want this. Only their massive pride is stopping them cus I'm strong and independent

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I marked it nsfw, you can easily tell from the thumbnail on what you're about to get into

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But muh based Poland and Orthodox white stronghold Russia!

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