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in what has become the latest symbol of what philosophers describe as the Great Replacement

I was told this was just an antisemitic conspiracy theory

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It is, now shut up about it and eat ze bugs you white supremacist you!

many 1 point ago +5 / -4

I was told this was just an antisemitic conspiracy theory

So sad and true.

This topic enrages me daily. And its all a huge Jew run agenda against Whites, and denouncing it is "Raaaaaaaaaayyyyycist conspiracy talk"

= = =

FUN FACT #468: White Genocide is real. Whites are barely only 6% of the Global Population, though Jews utilize low IQ shitskin illegal immigration to invade and destroy all White areas and all nations other than Israel, spreading Socialism**

a SHOCKING detail packed video! Watch!

Outlawing White Neighborhoods & Freedom of Association :

[archived momentarily for 1 year on archive.org!]

That 10 minute video is amazingly detail packed, and what Obama's regime did to invade White Zip Codes is disgusting!

Trump put a temporary end to White genocide, thankfully, though Democrats at state levels reversed some in 2021 :

Trump Administration Puts on Hold an Obama-Era Desegregation Effort To Invade White Neighborhoods: (Biden reversing it)

The democrat and jewish globalist goal is to make EVERY possible voting district only 40% whites if possible.

Oregon, Minneapolis; Austin, Texas; and Seattle, BANNED zoning laws that might impact Black welfare housing in rich white neighborhoods!! :


California Bans Single-Family Zoning in Most Neighborhoods Statewide:

HIAS floods USA swing-vote counties with low IQ shit-skin "immigrants" and well funded by Jewish billionaires :


People HATE these following actual facts, and call them "demoralizing"...

= = = = = = =

White replacement using OPEN BORDERS:

The famous/Infamous short video presentation essay GUMBALLS shows the shocking horror of low IQ people flooding into White nations, if borders were more porous.


Immigration, World Poverty and Gumballs - NumbersUSA.com:

Show all White people 'Gumballs', especially Liberal Females, because its the biggest RED PILL you can cram down a fucking liberal bitch's throat.


The video REFUSES TO NAME THE JEW (to not get shoahed off JewGle's JooTube)

That world famous video is from 1996 and you have to DOUBLE his scary numbers of low IQ shit-skin invaders.

= = = = = = =

Another recent video by Red Ice, just 12 shocking minutes :
May 2022 : The Truth about Great Replacement


= = = = = = =

But of course that AMAZING VIDEO is all about The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design

The Agenda :

The Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan: White Genocide by Design


(2 other related links deleted by kikes in 2020 late july, but put back recently): shoahed by jews !:)


ironically SAVED from jew deletion for now on (((archive.org))) :



Save those now before the kikes delete their plans off archive.org too! (archive.org does delete 'hate thought')

Whites already lost most of our freedoms. White deaths outstrip births and have for 7 years, in all nations that gave women the right to vote and socialist taxing so high that women too join workforce

Welfare non-whites sit home and breed, or invade white countries for free "Gibs Me Dats!" paid for by Whitey.

Merkel was awarded the Kalergi prize in 2010, then, 5 years later, she goes on to import 1.5m niggers and arabs into Europe!

= = = = = = =

Look at this poor token blond White girl in my meme, surrounded by invading shitskins in London suburb:


= = = = = = =

Whites in USA have already just lost the majority vote due to Democrat voter redistricting.

This infamous, highly deleted often video explains Subversion and mechanisms : Its superb. Watch it! :

How Zionists Divide and Conquer: with David Duke and (((Barbara Spectre))):



another on (((marxist))) similar tactics , less deleted :

how communists Divide and Conquer:


If you need authoritative fancy hit book, still 100% valid to this day, read hit 1971 book : "None Dare Call It Conspiracy"

It explains WHY rich Jews promote socialism in all western nations they subvert. Normally rich promoting socialism would appear very counter-intuitive. That infamous book ("None Dare Call It Conspiracy") explains the reasons.


All formerly White nations are under relentless attack by Jews, to subvert them and make them marxist hell-holes, and "punish Christian Whites".

TL/DR: Whites are barely only 6% of the Global Population, though Jews utilize low IQ shitskin illegal immigration to invade and destroy all White areas and all nations other than Israel, spreading Socialism

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Jewish demons are going full steam ahead. Can you imagine getting a shitload of black ethiopians and settling them in a israeli town or rich jewish neighborhood in any country?

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I do like that the caption ends with "in what philosophers and intellectuals are calling "The Great Replacement"

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Fuck this kike. Someone handle this shit.

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If those townsfolks just kidnap her and put her through the guillotine, what can the ((zogbots)) do anyway? There just needs to be a spark, and shit will be handled.

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I remember the story of that small town bully (Ken Rex McElroy) being shot and killed in front of everyone and no one said anything.

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Two more weeks

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That's a dude.

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Satan is both male and female.

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I'm aware that's what jews think. Satan is plural and simply means adversaries.

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And here I thought it was the worship of Saturn... Damn lizard people.

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satan means adversary but it also specifically refers to lucifer, who is real and who jews worship

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Why don't they do this in Israel?

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Exactly. Do your little multicultural diversity experiment in your own ethanol state.

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Look at that fucking jew bitch face

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Imagine this bitch being the cause of your daughter or sons rape by these people.. one would think.. there are repercussions.. Some of these creatures look especially lizard like and this is one of them.

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Not surprising, welfare comes out of the municipality which is already struggling with it's economics only sourced by income tax from low wage workers. Every rat and cockroach is a big expense for the locals.

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This makes me angry that they will face no punishment for this subversion

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They see gentile nations as lumps of clay that can be squished into shapes of their choosing.

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This person doesn't look like she can defend herself against a mob of angry nationalists.

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Marine France Cohen. Trying a bit too hard to blend in lmfao.

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I just realized that looks like an aged sarah Silverman