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Some of the comments here knocking silver and gold make me consider how unprepared I am for emergencies. I only have milk, protein powder, and sparkling water in my kitchen. What is worth keeping for days where I might be stuck in my residence?

My living situation is still transient, although I might have a permanent opportunity within the next few years. I have taken strides to accruing bullion and a safe to store it, and I think food should follow. I already have water stored with me. I want to focus on lightweight items like powdered milk. I'm open to other suggestions as well, including what to keep in my freezer. I also want to know about cutlery, bowls, and pans (carbon steel vs cast iron). Keep in mind that I'm out of my apartment 80 hours of week and that I don't cook much due to my work and adventures, so I'm not committing to the prepper life just yet, but I do want to continue the path I'm on by becoming "self-sufficient" at a steady pace.

Gold and silver are a great start, and I'm getting rid of junk I don't need by donating it to a local charity if it's reusable or discarding the rubbish. I do think I should now focus on having the bare minimum when it comes to food. I have stockpiled a few odd items like razor blades and lighters, so some other lightweight things seem possible as well.

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Rice and beans (dried).