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He better enjoy his last decade.

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I only hope you’re right.

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Spread it far and wide.

Everyone hates jews left and right. Only retarded teevee brainwashed boomers like them.

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I grew up in church hearing about how we have to support Israel they're God's chosen people. I was memed into antisemitism. Lately I've been studying up on the end times after looking around at the state of the world today

I came across some people arguing from a purely Biblical perspective that the Antichrist will be Jewish. Sounded interesting but most of them were still saying that although the antichrist will be Jewish and some jews will deceived there likely wont be more than the deceived "Christians".

I bought it for a while. Then I started listening to a couple different rabbis on youtube and reading rabbinical literature on sefaria.org. Now I'm convinced the antichrist is Jewish and most jews wont be deceived by him. That's exactly who they're waiting for. If you listen to a rabbi talking to his fellow tribesmen, all the great things he says their Moshiach will do line up precisely with what the Bible says the antichrist will do.

Furthermore, what group of people did God repeatedly call whores throughout the old testament? What group went to babylon and came out with a book of religious teachings they revere? The jews are the whore of babylon from revelation.

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Forget religion.

This is the ultimate proof of the true nature of the jew.

The cuckservative calls for the death of communists.

The communists were the jews.

The cuckservative recoils at the thought of ever hurting one of his Greatest Allies™. We need to change that. My personal most libertarian stance was to simply kill all communists, no matter what they are. And if they happen to be jews, oh boy, we all learned a funny lesson. And we will use that information to look into all the remaining jews, the holocaust, and everything. The difference today is that I already know the answers. But ALL communists must be exterminated.

The few jews who champion conservatives and "destroy libtards" serve as a shield to protect the greater collective jewish interests that seek to destroy us. They can always point at them to say how jews are on all sides of the issues, and that there is no pattern. Even the jews who pretend to side with us are actually on the side of the liberal-communist-jewish agendas.

Those who call out the jews directly deserve respect however. There are too few of them though.

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I thought they were the inbreeders too?

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Second only to mudslimes!

They fell for their own anti-White propaganda, which characterizes White-acting Whites as backward hillbillies and poor, stupid, inbred rednecks. It's utterly bullshit.

University isn't intelligence, dollars aren't wealth, degenerate faggotry isn't "forward", hard outdoor work isn't shameful, and incest is equally uncommon among urban and suburban Whites. When it comes to southern blacks on the other hand...

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They all type the same way. They don't quite grasp the English language

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