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AlwysHideUrPowerLevl 7 points ago +10 / -3

HISTORY as we know it is fake.

We live in the ruins of the 1000 year Kingdom of Christ as described in Revelation.

The "enlightenment" was luciferian, Lucifer calls himself the light-bearer after all.

Up to 1000 years has been added to the calendar to deceive people. Look at very old grave stones, the year will be written with a J instead of a 1. E.g. it will say J600 instead of 1600. This is because it means in the year of Jesus 600. AD (anno domini) is simply the Latin version of this phrase.

Technology was far more advanced in the past than is generally acknowledged.

MIddle Ages (reign of Christ) was a time of great prosperity, "Dark Ages" are propaganda".

Revelation is real, we are halfway thru it already, at the time where Christ left Earth and the Demons must be let out.

The Civil War was fake. Not that there wasn't a war, but that the causes and events of the war as described today, are so manufactured, so far removed from what actually happened, that the version of the "Civil War" story as told today may very well be fake.

The environment and biosphere were significantly different in the past, with more oxygen and water in the atmosphere. This is why giants existed in the past but don't exist anymore, there isn't enough oxygen to support enormous sized people.

White People are the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. The Khazars are satan worshipping imposters from Eastern Europe.

The Rapture already happened, the dissapearance of all census records in the 1890s combined with the massive orphan trains are clues of this.

The real Holocaust was the World Wars, a mass culling of whites followed by the mass reduction of Europe's political power.

Hitler was possibly trying to restore the 1000 year kingdom of Christ, as evidenced with his "1000 year Reich" rhetoric.

Zionist Occupation Gov't is real and the root of all conspiracies. Although I don't think I need to explain this last one to ConsumeProduct.