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AlwysHideUrPowerLevl 7 points ago +10 / -3

HISTORY as we know it is fake.

We live in the ruins of the 1000 year Kingdom of Christ as described in Revelation.

The "enlightenment" was luciferian, Lucifer calls himself the light-bearer after all.

Up to 1000 years has been added to the calendar to deceive people. Look at very old grave stones, the year will be written with a J instead of a 1. E.g. it will say J600 instead of 1600. This is because it means in the year of Jesus 600. AD (anno domini) is simply the Latin version of this phrase.

Technology was far more advanced in the past than is generally acknowledged.

MIddle Ages (reign of Christ) was a time of great prosperity, "Dark Ages" are propaganda".

Revelation is real, we are halfway thru it already, at the time where Christ left Earth and the Demons must be let out.

The Civil War was fake. Not that there wasn't a war, but that the causes and events of the war as described today, are so manufactured, so far removed from what actually happened, that the version of the "Civil War" story as told today may very well be fake.

The environment and biosphere were significantly different in the past, with more oxygen and water in the atmosphere. This is why giants existed in the past but don't exist anymore, there isn't enough oxygen to support enormous sized people.

White People are the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. The Khazars are satan worshipping imposters from Eastern Europe.

The Rapture already happened, the dissapearance of all census records in the 1890s combined with the massive orphan trains are clues of this.

The real Holocaust was the World Wars, a mass culling of whites followed by the mass reduction of Europe's political power.

Hitler was possibly trying to restore the 1000 year kingdom of Christ, as evidenced with his "1000 year Reich" rhetoric.

Zionist Occupation Gov't is real and the root of all conspiracies. Although I don't think I need to explain this last one to ConsumeProduct.

Zogdanov 2 points ago +2 / -0

got any more knowledge drops good sir?

AlwysHideUrPowerLevl 2 points ago +3 / -1


The Western Roman Empire never ended. It simply evolved into the Roman Catholic Church. Think about it - The Jews’ religion is centered on Jerusalem, since that is the center of their historical and cultural roots. The Muslim’s religion is centered on Mecca, for the same reason. The Catholic’s religion is not centered on Judea or galilee, where Jesus taught- it is centered on Rome, as Rome was the center of the Roman Empire that became the Catholic Church.

Lord of the Rings is based on real ancient history. Tolkien was part of occult circles at Cambridge that studied ancient texts and practiced remote viewing. CS Lewis was in similar circles, and Narnia is also (very loosely) based on real events past and future.

At a certain level of advancement, there is no difference between subjects. For example, Philosophy and mathematics are identical in concept, and only differ in the symbols used to express them. Mathematics is simply raw logic applied to relationships between numbers, and the variables that define those relationships. Philosophy is simply raw logic applied to relationships between ideas or factors that, unlike numbers, are too complex to be expressed through a single symbol and must be written out in words. To truly understand philosophy you must understand mathematics, as math is the simplest, purest expression of logic.

Most people have psychic abilities that are intentionally supressed through a combination of polluted environment, processed food, and social conditioning. If you have ever had a dream about the future then you will understand what I mean.

The placebo effect proves that we have the power to heal ourselves through simple belief. These abilities are suppressed the same way our psychic abilities are suppressed.

Reincarnation is real. All the quotes in the Bible about being "born again" are not metaphors- they are literal.

There is one thing in my mind that proves gnosticism is correct. All living things must kill other living things to survive. Plants are alive, they are murdered by animals who in turn are murdered by other animals or by humans to stay alive. A loving God would never create a world in which the living could only survive through murder.

Chris Chan is 100% right about the Dimensional Merge (dimensions coming together) which explains the Mandela effect and mass false memories. He can't explain it properly because he is a cartoon obsessed schizo motherfucking retard. This is caused by CERN, beginning in 2012. CERN just restarted in 2022 so prepare for more bullshit.

On the subject of Schizos: many are actually very smart people that are hyperaware of patterns which enables them to figure things out. In many cases Schizos become insane because they identify basic contradictions in reality that they cannot explain. Due to seeing far beyond what normies see, they cannot properly articulate their findings.

free-will-of-choice 1 point ago +1 / -0

At a certain level of advancement, there is no difference between subjects

As form (life) within flow (inception towards death)...

a) form represents the subject within the objectifying flow.

b) the velocity of flow causes momentum (level) for the resisting form within.

c) same flow self differentiates into form (choice) through momentum (balance).

d) ADVANCE (being moved forwards) MENT (mind; memory) aka action to reaction; object to subject; balance to choice; flow to form; perceivable to perceiving.

e) compounding the subjects is what the parasitic few are suggesting; hence mixing the ignorant many together as to destroy perceivable differences (inspiration). The few use the suggested term "unity" ; while the many ignore U'NITY, noun [Latin unitas.] - "the state of being one; oneness". Not togetherness; but differentiation.

deleted 0 points ago +2 / -2
QuaratinedAnon 1 point ago +1 / -0

Reincarnation is real. All the quotes in the Bible about being "born again" are not metaphors- they are literal.

This contradicts a lot of what is taught by the Church and written in the Bible about the afterlife.

There is one thing in my mind that proves gnosticism is correct. All living things must kill other living things to survive. Plants are alive, they are murdered by animals who in turn are murdered by other animals or by humans to stay alive. A loving God would never create a world in which the living could only survive through murder.

We live in a fallen world. God's creatures lived in harmony in paradise.

Earendil_the_Mariner 0 points ago +0 / -0

Fuck the church, it deserves to be forgotten.

What translation of the Bible do you read?

VicariousJambi 2 points ago +2 / -0

White People are the 10 Lost Tribes of Israel. The Khazars are satan worshipping imposters from Eastern Europe.

This is one that I've been mulling over for a while now. I'm not sure if I agree that the white people were the "real" jews. My current belief is that when Jesus came around to tell the jews to stop being satanic that they kvetched so hard they added their jewish satanism, the Old testament, to the "new" testament, Jesus's teachings. In my opinion they did this to pollute the purely good message of Jesus's teachings and to normalize their satanism, the old testament.

Two main things lead me to this conclusion

Genesis 17 the chapter that describes the covenant of circumcision. As described it is literally a contract with satan calling himself God, or the jews calling him God. If you actual look up the definition of what a covenant is, its a binding agreement. Nowadays that would be called a contractual agreement. The terms are that the jews will be granted power and prosperity in exchange for the genital mutilation of themselves and their newborn babies. I don't think the actual God would want you to cut his fresh new creation. I don't think he'd want you to cut up newborn baby penis. Thats satanic blood ritual disguised as virtue. The ultimate subversions are always supreme evil pretending to be supreme good and getting away with it.

The first guy that compiled the Bible didn't attach the Old testament to it, and omitted a lot of what is considered part of the canon.


This would explain why the jews and the rest of the masons for vehemently despise Christianity. Christians worship the one all powerful God, one more powerful than theirs. Everything is a hierarchical power structure to them.

They know God exists and are attempting to usurp him and claim his throne by controlling all things. They want to control every aspect of his creation in order to become him. All of these conspiracy theories, the all seem to have the same end, to make the cabal God and give the cabal Gods attributes. All they can mange is one big house of lies. They are worshiped through their idols, their superstars. They have the destructive capabilities of God through their lie about having nuclear arms capable of blowing up continents. They can control the weather. They control the operation of groups of people through their control of the government, money and corporations. They control the land under your feet, they control what you think the the very shape of the Earth is.

What we are seeing going on right now with the internet, with covid, with communism, is them taking further control. They control humanity as a group, but they have yet to control us as individuals. Their current goals are controlling down to an individual level.

free-will-of-choice 1 point ago +2 / -1

HISTORY as we know it is fake

His-story represents suggested information; which when consented to, ignores perceived (to know; knowledge) inspiration. Those who choose to ignore need (perceived) for want (suggested), find themselves within a want (real) vs not want (fake) conflict of reason. The parasitic few use suggestion to divide the consenting many into reasoning against each other over suggested information; while being racketeered for their ignorance of perceived inspiration.

middle ages; dark ages

Middle represents allegory for choice at the center of perceived balance (need/want); while light and dark represent allegory for comprehension (perceived) or ignorance (suggested).

Technology was far more advanced

Form (life) within flow (inception towards death) represents temporary resistance within ongoing velocity; hence balancing as choice while being advanced. Suggested TECHNOL'OGY, noun [Gr. art, and word or discourse.] is used to tempt one to ignore being the resistance out of the natural for instead following the advancement of the artificial towards death.

The comprehension of those within the advancing system was once grown more efficiently; while now suggested technology is used to tempt the consenting users to ignore their own growth. Smartphone users behave akin to McD cashiers aka pressing this picture to get that confirmation ad infinitum.

more oxygen

OXY (acid) GEN (generation aka generated by action). Everyone perceiving represents a "reaction" to everything perceivable "enacted" upon them. To be (form) implies out of (flow); hence in response to. Form represents different reactors within the same flow generator. Less and more tempts to ignore being differentiated (form) out of same (flow) aka an ingredient transmuted out of base (alchemy).

KingSweyn 1 point ago +1 / -0

Lucifer calls himself the light-bearer after all.

Lucifer was the "morning star", and an ancient name for the planet Venus. You know, back when folks commonly thought that "wandering stars" were deities.

It's not the Synagogue of "Satan", it's the Synagogue of Saturn. The Star of David was originally the star of Remphan, a demon-summoning circle for the deity of Saturn. Moloch is yet another name for Saturn. Child sacrifice has been associated with this planet since old Canaan. Even the Greeks had Kronos (Saturn again) eating his own child.

The character of Satan predates any Christian conceptions of him... And Christianity puts tons more attention on him than the Bible does, because he's not a biblical personality. He's been adopted into the doctrine and conflated with Venus.

Similarly, the story of Christ is littered with Sun-God memes. "The light of the world", halos, and the 3-day resurrection which is a reference to the winter solstice dating back to the Pharaohs.

dajork 2 points ago +2 / -0

if you look at the history of WHAT saturn is - traditionally known as the Greater Malefic - it really does add up. the ancients claim that saturn is, quite literally, the author of lies, horrible mischief, occultism, and chief corruptor of the good. so yeah, we are dealing with saturn worshippers.

even more interesting is that the title “satan” means “opposer”, right? so if you look at the signs, saturn’s signs directly oppose the sun’s and moon’s signs. i mean, if we want to get even more obvious, aquarius is identified as quite literally “the sign of satan” because it opposes the sun’s.