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I came across this Guardian article as a suggestion on my work's webpage and it's funny how much sympathy I have for these fascists that conspired to off FDR (whom I once greatly admired before I learned the truth). Thanks random leftist for letting me know about these great men who could have rid us all of America's Stalin.

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"Donald Trump’s elaborate plot to overthrow the democratically elected president"

I hate journalists so much, that subhuman scum, worse than niggers and whores.

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classic paper tiger attempt probably.

nobody went down for it.

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How did one family raise both FDR and Teddy?

There has to be something wrong with Teddy, right?

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They are pretty distanty related. 5th cousins IIRC. A 1st cousin shares grandparents but a 5th cousin shares great-great-great-great grandparents... Just because they share the same surname doesn't mean they're family in that sense. I share great-great-great-great grandparents with many thousands of people who are complete strangers to me.

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Eh, my family distant cousins were close as well. But then we had cars to travel to see each other. That would be days long journeys with just horse and carriage.

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