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"removing 80% of the nerves in the penis and destroying the penis' ability to self lubricate has zero effect on sensitivity, and anyone saying otherwise is wrong"

People actually try to claim that, at that point its just cope/denial

"removing the foreskin makes the penis cleaner and leads to lower rates of STDs"

Sure and I bet removing all your teeth would make your mouth cleaner and lead to a lower rate of cavities too?

Come to think of it, you wouldn't have to worry about a stuffy nose or sinus infections if you just cut off your nose too.

And while we're at it, you wouldn't have to worry about athlete's foot if you just removed your feet.

Let's chop off every single body part that has the slightest chance of causing a problem, right goys?

"Removing the foreskin makes it look better"

Totally subjective, and not a good reason to destroy half the natural function of the dick

Circumcision, (especially infant circumcision) should be banned, its disgusting and there's no reason for it to exist.

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Silence, false prophet of the satanic Demiurge.

You want to talk about "TRAUMA" why not consider the MILLIONS of white babies YOU justify murdering in the womb

I never said such a thing

NEVER FORGET reprobate, the covenants of the Bible are GENETIC COVENANTS to WHITE MEN. What better way to signify that to a population? What better way to ingrain that GENETIC COVENANT YOU WANT TO HIDE than to cut away a skin tag?

If God intended us to be that way, He would have made us that way.

Satan advocates destruction of manhood, including destruction of the male organ itself. Hence why he told everyone to destroy the most sensitive parts of their penis. And that's why Jesus and the Apostles specifically said circumcision wasn't necessary.

But, at least they can't be lead around by some woman just by her touching i

Speak for yourself, coomer

Circumcision make a REAL MAN out of you

Removing half your dick doesn't make you a real man, retard

You want to live like the niggers.

And you want to live like sand niggers

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He is a hypocrite because circumcision does actually kill babies


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Sepsis can happen in a cut of any size, you retarded kike

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The kike u/AngelofDeathToo is obviously JIDF, they already admitted they follow all of the old testament kosher laws and refer to god as Yahweh

They are trying to claim this is a white person.

The most important thing to Jews is mutilation of the genitals of babies. Anyone on these forums that is steadfast in their defense of it is clearly a kike.

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Half of the surface area and 80% of the nerves.

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