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Hello friends,

I won’t restate the title but I am happy. Sadly it is a very liberal college. Any tips? If you’re telling me I should not go to college my parents won’t let me. Plus wouldn’t it be nice for some white representation? I don’t really know at this point.

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my parents won’t let me

Are they paying, then? If they’re trying to saddle you with the debt, they can’t legally do that. You’re of age now. They have no power over you, and you can simply not go. If they’re paying, go for engineering. Mechanical, electrical, hydrological, magnetohydrodynamic; whatever you find you’re most competent. You don’t have to like it–it’s work–but you should pick something that 1) you can do most easily and 2) which can translate into a real-world trade once you’re out of that kike shitshow.

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They’re paying of course, it’s a great sum of money but they’ve always been fans of higher education. I don’t know about electrical engineering but the college is geared more towards medicine. I can still decide to do it later if I want to but the place is really only good for medicine.

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Do Not go into medicine.

Even the best people in that industry are spineless cowards.

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Eh, I like some Nephrologists

One specialty that is truly fighting prescribing too much toxic shit.

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For a split second, I was excited about the prospect of a medical education for you. It’s a perfectly fine field. Can’t say enough good about it.

Too bad there’s no such thing as medicine anymore, though. Too bad you won’t ever get a license if you don’t say that faggots and trannies are sane and normal.

Anyway, you can still translate medical knowledge into your own trade very well.

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don't forget the "how to not rape" training!

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Just keep your mouth shut, don't buy into the bullshit, then get the fuck out of there.

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Shut up.

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Bingo. "My parents demand" based on some stupid ass boomer idea about what college used to be

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Just remember you'll never be a real woman

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See how deep you can go.

Then subvert from within.

Good luck.

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And no, I’m not majoring in english.

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Do they mandate an injection of Jewish-vaccine-AIDS?

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Make sure you get the most out of college.

Learn how to interact with normies.

Study something that has a technical skill you can use afterward.

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Good for you. You can extract some value out of that, namely the paper at the end, but be aware that that system will try to enslave you with its golden shackles. And the moment you go rogue, it will turn on you and you will lose everything unless you bow down and beg for forgiveness. It will be difficult, and you will be rewarded a LOT of your compliance. Out of self-preservation you may indulge in the system voluntarily, so that it no longer goes against your will. You can make the system work for you - but it will not let you go ever.

But deep within you will always know that something is wrong. It will lure in you for a long time and grind on your soul. You will indulge in the depravity, the theatrics, the evil, and eventually become like they are. Clearly a drain on society, producing nothing, providing nothing - only to have others serve you.

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be careful. college is mostly a dead end. there is a massive chance you will end up surrounded by leftoids for the rest of your life. you will go insane.

pick a career with vast majority republicans from here: http://verdantlabs.com/politics_of_professions/

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Just pretend to be a zombie until you can get out of there. Don't get brainwashed. You can accomplish more when you are in a better position. Don't stir up anti white drama.

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females almost all do arts. thus, if there is a good female to male ratio, its because its vast majority leftoids. run.