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I thought it's a symptom of Climate Change?

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Getting both covid and climate change at the same time is a recipe for disaster!

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She was quite nearly another death due to net neutrality!

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that means it's working

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Yea, last time I had a cold they had to take my arm. If only I was vaccinated :(

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If she wasn't vaccinated, it could have been much worse.

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Her arms would also be amputated.

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Look already smiling again, she'll walk it off in no time.

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Didn't get vaxxed, didn't wear a mask, didn't social distance. Took me 2 years to catch covid for a week and I felt hungover at the worst of it.

But at least i still got my fucking legs!

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Out of curiosity how did you test positive for Covid?

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Daughter came home from her college classes feeling sick. This is the college she goes to that still forces them to wear masks and social distance yet she still got covid.

She brought it home, my wife caught it from my daughter, my wife wakes up middle of the night feeling like shit and asks me to take her to the ER. They swab her, gave her meds and sent her home. Next day I feel like shit and her covid test came back positive, so I go to a testing site and get brain probed and sure enough popped positive on covid.

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I'm in the same boat as him. No shots, took until a couple months ago to finally get it, and it gave me a sore throat for a few days and a cough for a couple weeks, no worse than a cough during allergy season.

I tested positive because I went to the doctor assuming I had strep and didn't want to give it to our baby. Turns out it was covid, he got it anyway, and he didn't even display a single symptom.

If I hadn't gone to the doctor and found out completely by accident, I'd have assumed I had a cold or a throat infection and never had any idea it was the deadliest disease in human history.

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I'm very disturbed by the caviler attitude of the medical people in this situation. They seem proud of what they have done, and they really should be ashamed.

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Yeah I was going to point out wtf is with the picture on the right, like "yay your legs are gone but we are all celebrating" ??

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They are probably just happy she survived. At some point disorders can become so systemic that losing limbs is the best case outcome.

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Considering how many cringy nurse dance videos there were on TikTok... yeah no, I'm going to bet "asshole nurses" instead.

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Most nurses are room temp iq fair.

Source: I'm a nurse

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And now she has Jew-vaccine-AIDS.

Just look how happy she is.

Widespread skin lesions and rashes within five years, dead from immune system failure within eight... assuming the Jew-cancers and Jew-blood-clots don't kill her first.

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Christ, even without losing her legs, this woman's miserable. Look at that phoney smile on the left.

More of a grimace than a smile...

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Everybody is almost like this nowadays. Pretending the world and their lives is okay even though deep down they can feel it was not. It manifest in their facial expression; dead eyes, forced smile and whatnot.

Poor life choices and lack of opportunities to grow on a fucked up environment because of societal/moral decay and constant fear.

These people will smile just to convince themselves and each other that they are fine.

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It's funny you mention that...

I was just thinking about the potential nuclear war we're looking at, and I remembered a study done in the late 90s (I think) that found that uses of terms like "disaster,' "crisis," etc. in news media went up sharply after the Berlin Wall fell. The conclusion drawn was that the news outlets had seen huge drops in their reader/viewership after the wall fell.

It's a crazy idea, but what if major news outlets have been subtly manipulating world events behind the scenes to move us back towards that nuclear conflict that our parents and grandparents grew up fearing?

If I'm right, and it's a big if, it would mean Ted Turner and Rupert Murdoch are a bigger threat than Klaus Schwab or the Koch Brothers...

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yeldarb1983 2 points ago +2 / -0

hey, I'll happily be wrong, but it makes a sort of sense, even if it's a bit paranoid...

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Where the media is concerned never credit stupidity when simple malice will suffice.

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oh, I'm sure they'd do it if a) they thought of it and b) they could actually pull it off.

I'm just saying, I don't know if they necessarily could pull it off...

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Those health care workers are an embarrassment.

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Wow. Just imagine if she hadn't gotten the vaccine. She might have lost her arms, too.

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That means it's working

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fuck this is horrifying

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too bad. nice feets.

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This bitch was born with a congenital heart defect. Yes the clot shot is real, but this bitch was already fucked up.

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The clotshot sure wouldn't help.

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Duh, but there was underlying issues before that.

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Porn career incoming