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TallestSkil 48 points ago +49 / -1

one minute

“Don’t trust your old guard Prussian generals; they’re going to lie to you. Don’t let the British evacuate the continent as a show of good faith; capture them and demand Britain and France white peace you in exchange for helping them fight communism in their empires, and have an international committee determine damages, to be paid to those affected by the war. Stalin will eventually try a surprise attack, so as you liberate the various nations of the USSR, allow them to form their own governments instead of a military occupation. Then ask for ethnic volunteers to join you as you push the frontline eastward. Even if the British and French refuse to help you, at least you won’t also be fighting them. Oh, and when you start rounding up the jews to prevent the same sabotage as in WWI, slaughter them all. Leave none alive. Trust me.

Wow, only 20 seconds. Plenty of time for more detail.