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Need more context than one guys post brother

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Not a practicing Jew, his mother was Jewish genetically or something like that. He's been celibate now, and is a practicing Catholic.

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It's been several years now, and he's doing just fine. I'm sure he will take your advice at the earliest convenience though, savvy as it is.

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As shown by your comment(s).

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From what I can gather, it looks like Joe went on a crusade and got mass reported by either Milo fans or Fuentes fans.

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A bunch of them jumped on his stream, spammed nigger, and reported at the same time to get him kicked off dlive

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Not too sure if Joe was shadowbanned. I get all of his posts. I dunno... could be all bullshit. I seem to post just fine and I go harder than Mr. Prich.

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He posted way way way to much, mostly "hot takes" such that it became almost spam. I unfollowed him.

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Yeah, people like Prich are making this about ideology, when it is likelier due to much simpler social factors. Torba is marketing a business. He has said as much. He aligns himself with popular and controversial figures to get attention. Forget the ideology for a moment. If you are going after an ally of the boss, the boss is probably going to shake you down.

I think we all need to realize that in our current world, there is no working example of perfect when it comes to free speech. At the end of the day, platforms are owned by people, who must have friends. You don't just get to slander those friends and expect zero repercussions. This is naive. There is no perfect. You take some bad with the good; and if you are a moral purist - which I'm not insulting - then you can expect difficulties.

People need to focus less on the broad moral character of these platforms and more on what you can do with them. The internet is being wiped and controlled. It's all fucked. If progress toward a platform like Gab means its owner aligns with a guy or two you don't like, then expect your campaign against them to have bad consequences.

In terms of the money, give unto Cesar. Jesus knew that being able to effectively evangelize, gather and do anything meaningful meant that you had to do some minimum in the affairs of the world to use the byways and infrastructure of that world. This is eminently practical advice.

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"AF is not Christian!"

Yes it is!

"A faggot"

Cuz he was seen with CatboyKami? Heterosexual until proven dong throater!

"The AF crowd literally came to Gab because they couldn't go anywhere else,"


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I don't disagree with you. I'm not even arguing that people don't have a justification for that reaction. I guess my point had something to do with the fact that creating much of anything with this level of functionality - and keeping it open to free speech - is a minefield. Strictly from a strategic standpoint, I can comprehend Torba's desire to align himself with people having some amount of clout. After all, the more eyes that are on his site, the more eyes there are to see how censorship might unfold. It's like, if you're going to hit a mine in the minefield, and that mine is a group of Jews, you are better off being a spectacle that more - rather than less - people see.

Again, I'm not slighting the people who feel a little betrayed. I think I would rather shift people's emphasis onto functionalism. What can you do with this platform (compared with others), rather than whether or not its creator is a hypocrite. Sure, the loss of money is a problem. But if you are using the site regularly, and getting something for your support which you cannot get elsewhere, then perhaps you just say from now on, "I won't be financially supporting this. But I'll use it until I can't any longer."

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that doesn't even make sense... Torba openly calls jews out all the time.

January22nd2022 6 points ago +7 / -1

Torba is shilling AF and AF sucks!

I want him to stop doing that but he won't stooop!


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Nothing about this makes any sense to me. Nick Fuentes is a conservative Christian who had to create his own livestreaming website because he was banned from all the existing ones. He is completely aware of jewish supremacy and talks about it on a regular basis(hence the name of his show, America First). Nothing about him strikes me as anything but honest. The only 2 arguments i've ever heard against him are:

  • Because he is saving himself for marriage like a good Catholic and has a friend that is into cringe anime shit and wears cat ears, he must be gay. Grade school level bullshit egged on by haters, trolls & shills. Someone here claimed he and his audience are all MGTOW. Not true, he encourages people to find a good woman to marry/have kids which can take a while considering most are whores nowadays.

  • He's a fed/controlled opposition. No evidence and it wouldn't make sense for him to be saying what he says if that were the case.

I swear people on forums can be so tone-deaf it's insane.

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The 'groypers' Nick brings are MGTOW as hell, and talk about lowering the age of consent. I don't care if they name the jew. The rest of it screams psy-op to make those naming the jew look crazy. Besides, Fuentes isn't exactly a White name, now is it?

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I watched half of one of his shows, he was proud of being 1% groid because he could "legally" say nigga. I don't care if he fucked catboy or not, he's a fag for needing an excuse (and not even using a hard r), and he's an actual nigger. That makes him a niggerfaggot as far as I'm concerned.

pine79 5 points ago +6 / -1

he was proud of being 1% groid because he could "legally" say nigga

He jokes around and has fun with his show and ever since he created his own livestreaming platform with no rules he says whatever the fuck he wants including nigger. You should consider being less retarded.

NigaroFagetsu-kun 1 point ago +2 / -1

No, he let it slip and then immediately and sheepishly tried to justify how it was cool because he's part black and therefore had the pass. It was obvious that he did it reflexively to save face or something. It was awkward and had nothing to do with being "PC" because it was on his own platform. Prior to that, about half of what he said was factually inaccurate. I don't get why people like him so much.

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Okay, that's kinda weak.

Some in the DNA ancestry test company, 23 something, has admitted to lying about that years ago to push die-versity.

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Spaniards are not "Mexicans".

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lmao is there any evidence to be provided for "shadow-banning" on gab to support this guy's claims?

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Why would I take anything that attention-seeking faggot claims seriously without evidence?

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Need a lot more context before I buy any of this shit.

Here are your choices

Twitter = literal satanists.

Gettr = Chinese funded satanists larping as free sprach advocates

GAB = Jew hating, unapologetically Christian cofounder who’s been deplatformed by the Jew banks.

Even if there was “shadow banning” which I don’t think there is, what are your alternatives? STOP ACCEPTING THE SUBVERSION by allowing your principles to weaponized against you.

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"Gettr = Chinese funded satanists larping as free sprach advocates"

Really? China?

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China literally owns a stake in Gettr. Not saying Jews don’t.

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Understandable. Let me try to clarify.

What are your choices? Twitter, Gettr, Gab.

Which one most closely aligns with your principles?

not the first two. That’s for sure.

Is Gab perfect? No, but it is by FAR the closest and by FAR the least compromised.

A COMMON tactic of the enemy is to drive a wedge between groups with common cause by pointing out minor “principle” infractions, and using these to seed doubt among those collective groups. In this case “shadowbanning” : unverified, not good if true, but certainly not a reason to leave the platform.

This happens all the time “If you believe X then you have to do Y or you’re a hypocrite. You don’t have principles” “see! Torba might have banned someone! See! Torba doesn’t support freedom if expression because he censors lewd content” “we need a better alternative, because Torba doesn’t follow my brand of Puritanism”

The enemy doesn’t share these principles either, but the difference is they will use your principles to gaslight you into focusing on the marginal and abandoning the whole

This is why we have groups like the libertarian party, which accomplishes virtually nothing, but does a great job of enabling the NWO Jews to march towards their 2035 agenda.

Regardless of the veracity of this incident, Gab is a better option in pretty much every conceivable way.

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gab's money is going to hollywood sex parties?

now im confused

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Going to need proof.

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Don't, that's what he wants. And you'll probably catch superAIDS or something.

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Joe Prich is a retarded son of a bitch. Yet here you are reposting his bullshit.

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Idk this guy Joe or know this story, but he's given me several reasons to not give a shit:

"Threatened & maligned". Don't be a pussy bitch, deal with it like a man and don't complain about it. You have to deal with hate if you're ever going to get anything worthwhile done. The alt right is no place for sensitive losers.

"Libeled and slandered." If that's the case you should take legal action. It's only defamation if 1) it damages your livelihood, and 2) you can demonstrate that it was false and malicious. If these conditions don't apply STFU and quit lying.

"Shadowbanned" first of all, prove it. That's easy to claim bc it's impossible to prove. Second of all, saying that could be considered actual defamation. Third, if you think anybody who controls a platform is ever going to give you total free speech, you're a fucking NPC.

Message to all alt-right social media users:

If you put all your eggs in one basket and then can't get your message out to your audience bc of it, it's your own dumbass fault.

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