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To top it all off, she will expect you to pay for her leftovers whereas C,T & E got her best for free

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i'm in my late 30s and have no problem dating 20somethings, and no interest anchoring myself to a post-wall carousel rider whose ovaries are a barren wasteland with less eggs than my refrigerator.

only problem is nowadays practically all the 20somethings want to ride the carousel with no interest of hopping off until they can't ride it anymore. the 20somethings who don't want to ride the carousel are rare.

enjoy the decline my friends.

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Bingo. I can't find a woman who hasn't had a slew of sex partners and they're usually on bc. Riding the cc and basically being sugar babies/hookers for Chad

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Have fun dying alone with 10+ cats eating your corpse once you've passed away with nothing to leave behind exept for your "career" a.k.a your many hours as an wageslave

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But all the Gucci purses were totally worth it.

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Next will be...

"Why aren't these wealthy 30 year old men all immature and not ready to settle down with a REAL woman? They keep dating these immature young women in their 20's that have nothing to offer!!!'

Women in the west are completely blind to their true SMV as they all think they're still in college. Just keep waiting sweetheart... George Clooney #2 is going to wife you up any moment now...

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I’ve heard a really neat quote about value in men and women. A valuable man has experience and confidence, he has been exposed to the world and had some adventures to learn from. A valuable woman has been preserved. From the evils of the world and from being used or passed around. Purity of heart and body is valuable in a woman

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somewhere there's a screencap of two articles from jessica valenti complaining about catcalling... one complaining it's harassment, the other complaining how much she misses getting catcalled...

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One of my favorite comments on this site went something along the lines of

Women thrive on attention. They dress and act to get attention, then when they get attention they complain about how they got attention for more attention.

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It's something called "humble bragging". It's a concept that men have a hard time understanding, but it's very real.

The way that it works is: women will pretend to be "oppressed", but secretly they're actually bragging about how great their life is.

As an example: "my hot man just won't stop having sex with me, we do it several times a day, it's getting really tiring!"

Another example: "I get cat-called all the time just walking down the street, it's so gross and annoying!"

They're taking something which is objectively good (men being attracted to them) and pretending that it's somehow a "bad thing". Women do this because it's a way for them to brag without appearing like they're bragging.

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I mean that's most people really, but honestly Cinderella put it best...


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Not to defend them, but have to seen the shit advice they get from an early age? Hell, the amount of time it took for me to de-program my wife from this career-minded feminist bullshit is mindblowing. Her boomer Mom is becoming more of a pain by the minute. The 60s onward have been a complete shitshow.

I don't go in often, but whenever I see a magazine rack at some store, holy shit at the insane advice targeted at women. I dare anyone to find me an article about being a good mother and an obedient wife in any (((popular))) magazine, anywhere! It just never ends, and now the advice is so fucked that they're convincing young girls that they're boys.

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Ya you've got a good point. It doesn't help 90% of guys are simps that agree to get some or douche Chads that don't care enough to set women straight.

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The thing about high-value men is that they are snapped up before they become high-value by wiser women who are able to judge potential properly (or get lucky).

Every broad wants a CEO, general or senator for a husband. The guys actually changing the world. But all senators are married long before they become senator

Any woman who isn't looking for a man with high potential to stake down and domesticate in her early 20s is an idiot playing a losing strategy.

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the retards think they can ride the carousel and just snatch up a guy as he crosses the finish line.

or look at the retarded onlyfans 304s that go on freshandfit... far too many openly claim it's a life long career. they're not saving or investing any money (no joke, one argued buying expensive things is "investing in yourself"), and they refuse to accept that 99% of porn actresses stop within 2 years, 99%+ can't get any "acting" job by age 30, and the tiny fraction remaining are wearing diapers because their assholes don't work anymore. they're clearly so low IQ that their pre-frontal cortex cannot perceive what happens next.

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I blame simps (often starting with the father) who convince women that they're special by virtue of just being.

99.99% of everyone is not special by definition and you have to really work at it to rise one iota above mediocrity.

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Establishing yourself is not what I'm talking about.

Being a general or senator is not "establishing yourself", it's basic weak sauce mediocrity.

The point is that a man with potential would have the basic shit figured out as the minimum necessary

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The only thing worse would be a 35+ career woman with someone elses kids

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“Doesn’t want more kids” That’s the funniest line that shows the most utterly entitled women in society. What are you bringing to the table bitch?! I know you’re expecting a man who makes more than you, so you’re just supplying him with fruitless sex? And the expectation is he puts up with your bastard niglet?

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To answer her question, I met my husband at age 17, and that's why I'm happily married with kids to a handsome, successful, and intelligent man.

If you wait about an extra 20 years to even start looking to settle down, you're gonna have a bad time...

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One of my favorite hobbies is to not look at women in public. In my periphery I can see them look to try to catch me glancing at them or looking over but it never happens. They never get the look, the attention, I starve them of that. I leave them feeling empty of the expectation that every man stop and adore them. Some I can tell are visibly hurt by their body language. To that I say find people who love you for being family or wife.

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She can die alone.

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If by "allow" you mean "fool" then yes

There have always been career women, and there likely always will be, but it wasn't until the sixties that it was considered "bondage" for women to be housewives and mothers.

I realize it's a late example, given when her career started, but one of the reasons feminists struggle with Marilyn Monroe is because admitting she was a successful businesswoman (and a massive thorn in the ass of the hollywood elite no less) would require admitting it was possible for women to be successful in hollywood to any great degree.

Granted, Norma Jean baker was a broken person in many ways, but still. She should be seen as an American success story, not a cautionary tale of woe.

And of course, let's not forget Lucille Ball's Desilu Studios, which spawned at least two successful franchises that still exist to this day; Mission: Impossible, and Star Trek(though the later has admittedly gone downhill in recent decades).

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Who...who wants to tell her no one of value wants a used up skank with dried up ovaries?

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Honestly looks like u/then wrote that schizo shit

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I opened Linked In for two seconds, saw this, screencapped it, and immediately closed the app

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Lmao this is OC? Nice find.

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"I know he is out there, building his dream, changing the world."

Has mein führer arrived?

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She will never find love, because her standards for men are obscenely unrealistic. She wants a 10/10 man, but she'll have to settle for a 6/10 man. She will never feel fulfilled and satisfied.

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I weep for women who still act like they're in their early twenties. It's really sad to see.

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sad that its not even her fault. the jews coerced the culture into accepting female corporate slavery. incentivise degeneracy and nihilism