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It was staged. Every msm camera angled to make the group look way bigger than it was (was like 30 people maybe max).

Seen viral video they got punked by like 5-6 antifa actors with smartphones.

They're not going to show anything on the news that would legitimately threaten the status quo.

PF definitely actors maybe agents. Doesn't matter either way..

Would be better off to go make friends with your local gunsmith..

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For fucks sake, the livestream was stickied on patriots. Go find it.

Do you not find it slightly odd that within half an hour of these people marching the zogbies and migas all fired up and traded some of the most smoothbrain talking point I have ever seen to implicate them in some sort of honeypot?

muh khakis!!

Give me evidence that they are feds that isn't fucking retarded. So far, I have seen none. I've seen feds, shills, cowards, fat jealous boomers and leftists all at the conclusion that they are without a doubt feds because they wore fucking khaki pants and have a healthy BMI.