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They wear khakis

I can go into town right now and buy khakis but don't need to because I've got a few pairs in my closet I used to wear when I worked construction

patriots don't wear khakis!

This point is every common and completely retarded. Trump wears khakis.

Patriots don't wear masks to protests

This point is being pushed by actual feds. "Allow yourself to be doxxed by communist antifa so they show up at your house and you get arrested because they showed up at your house." For those of you badasses who say "I don't give a fuck if I get doxxed," do it, right here, right now. Post your facebook. No? That's what I though.

The police escorted them

They escort every protest in DC.

They used Uhaul trucks

Because no personal citizen can go right now can rent a uhaul truck

They rode in the back of uhaul trucks and the police did nothing

Do you think DC, the crime ridden city, is going to divert THEIR ENTIRE FORCE on Saturday night to deal with around 250 well organized and fit men with shields? Nah. They weren't fucking that that crowd.

They're fit, they must be feds

They have physical standards. They don't want a bunch of fat gen x'ers making them look like slobs. Stay mad. Anybody with this argument is a fatass.

Let me reiterate my second to last point because it's the big one.

This was a massive group of well organized men in good shape. Check out the physique of the police on scene vs the crowd. Those police weren't about to do SHIT to that crowd. Image being used to chasing around the odd nigger every now and again, then being put in front of a shieldwall. Behind that shield walls is dozens of strong, masked men.

You don't know if they are carry concealing, you don't know if there are more waiting to reinforce them with rifles. You don't know if they are armed with folding batons.

The police let them do their thing then leave. That was in their best interest. Escalating that situation is far above the beat cop's pay grade. Considering it was Saturday night and the mayor, the police chief and pelosi were all off getting sloshed at a mossad blackmail party, there would be nobody to make the call to bring out the big guns.

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Yes. The way I worded them was more intelligent than about a quarter of the arguments I've seen too.