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TallestSkil 26 points ago +26 / -0

Pretending the holocaust happened, why is America constantly inundated with movies about WW2 and the holocaust when we had nothing to do with it?

It’s a religion.

Why do we have a holocaust memorial when again, we had nothing to do with the holocaust?

Temples of worship.

What are some opinions on theae observations?

How do you recognize a society’s “origin story”? It fulfills three functions:

  1. It explains the origin and structure of the world and society.
  2. It defines ultimate good and ultimate evil. From those definitions are derived the values that are used to justify the holding of power.
  3. It determines what is held sacred in that society.

The story of World War II has become the origin story for the Western world. It fulfills all three functions:

  1. We live in the “postwar” world. The lines on the map, the social and governmental institutions, and the sense of the “era” in which we live arise directly from the starting point of World War II.
  2. World War II saw national socialism pitted against all other ideologies. The “values” derived from the winners of the war are anti-racism, egalitarianism, multiculturalism, anti-nationalism, subjectivism, relativism, and so on.
  3. The only thing that is held sacred–which cannot be denied, questioned, or mocked–in the contemporary Western world is the holocaust.

The problem with this is that all three functions are backward. They are in the negative. Instead of the origin event being one of fertility and new life, it was a conflagration of death and destruction. Instead of ultimate good taking the central position in the story, that slot is occupied by “ultimate evil.” Everyone knows that Adolf Hitler, the “personification of evil,” is the centerpiece of the WWII story. Each of his beliefs, taken individually, is held to be a component of “evil.” As such, belief in them is forbidden today. Instead of that which is held sacred being something mysterious and sublime, the holocaust is an obscenity. Having a negative origin story means the thought processes of Westerners are poisoned. A society’s bounds of “allowable thought”–its Overton Window–and the orientation of ideas which stem therefrom lie downstream from the creation of the society. The event which formed a society is of the utmost importance in determining what is “acceptable” within that society. As long as our understanding of who we are is determined by a negative origin story, the only direction for society is down. The missing emotional complex is positivism–self-love. It is no longer felt by Westerners due to the destructive force that is a society controlled and created by jews, angling toward communism. Jews have successfully imparted their worldview–which comes from a position of self-hatred and existential negativism–onto the West.

What does this redefinition mean for Western society? What was held sacred in the West before WWII? The holocaust exists to subvert Jesus Christ as the preeminent messianic sacrifice. In supplanting Christ as messiah, the holocaust replaces Him with the Talmudic satanism of judaism. By forcing the people of the world to believe in “the holocaust,” jews supplant Christ in the hearts and minds of Westerners, converting them to jewish Talmudism. Moreover, this gets people to accept the doctrines of talmudism:

  • Society: White genocide and the dismantling of all white, Christian civilization
  • Economics: Keynesianism, private central banking, and usury
  • Government: Communism and one world governance

These three elements comprise all political thought. Nothing has gone untouched by the effects of the holocaust and the “justification” of jewish actions around the world since the end of World War II.