Ok coomer (media.consumeproduct.win)
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my masters rape children and don’t get punished for it therefore it’s okay for me to look at drawings of children being raped, too, because it’s a behavior that is of lesser magnitude

I’m trying to wrap my head around how this works.

all instances of ’sex’ have a grave over the e

That’s weird. Does reddit censor the word itself? On a porn board? Or whatever board that is. Strange tick for him to personally have, otherwise.

[it’s a furry]

Ah. Sort of making more sense.

[NSFW is perfectly fine as long as minors and incest aren’t involved]

Oy vey, that’s not very progressive. Incest legalization has been pushed since the day that faggot “marriage” was passed through the SCOTUS, don’t you know. I’d love to know why this horsefucker thinks that he can draw the line at incest and still support everything else he supports. Spoiler alert: he can’t, I’d just like to see him splutter

I wonder... Is it possible for us to:

  1. make our own board on Reddit.
  2. run a bot that scrapes THIS site for any instance of a reddit username being called out (for example, here we would type “r/A_new_random_being” and the bot would see that string)
  3. have that bot pass the string to a bot we run on our board on Reddit
  4. that bot makes a thread or comment on our board which creates a link to the thread here in which the username was used and also pings that username on reddit (so the user sees the ping, sees the link, and therefore is linked to the post here where someone called him out)

How quickly would the board (and bot) simply be banned from Reddit?

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Ah. Sort of making more sense.

Furries be as furries do

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I had no idea wtf was and was content in my ignorance. Damnit..