Black privilege. (media.consumeproduct.win)
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Would rittenhouse have been found guilty if he was black?

Oy vey, you filthy nigger. I think the better question is-

Would black people have even figured out running water yet if white people hadnt given it to them?

Fuck i hate niggers. I hate having to pretend like they are human. This is so fucking infuriating.

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Remember that kikes craft all the narratives and these atrocious, ideological questions. The negro is merely his pet tool.

eagleheart585 1 point ago +2 / -1

On the bus, a while ago, i talked with this black guy about the jan 6th "insurrection". He was very anti-white, talking all about the proud boys and the KKK and how trump supporters are white supremacists etc

I had them explained to him about how BLM doesnt give a shit about black people and how none of the donations go to black entrepreneurs rather the donations all went to democrat campaigns. I explained how I do not have any additional privileges and everything hes said so far about me was assumed based solely on the color of my skin, but us literally being on the same public bus is evidence that we are in the same economic standing. I tried a lot to explain things to him, but it didnt seem like he wantes to listen. In one ear and out the other. He was polite enough to wait for me to stop taljing before he repeated the same main stream anti-ypipo talking points.

Strategy in these situations is to rely on questions. Spark questions you can give direct answers to, and ask questions with obvious answers.

He had said "What if they were black?" Repeatedly during the conversation. "If they were black the situation wouldve been different" we hear this all the damn time! I shouldve tried explaining how the black panthers did exactly the same thing only with machine guns and no one got arrested. But even then he still wont listen. But yakno how I got him to listen? Direct answer to the question.

"What if they were black? How would the situation be different?"

"You'd support it"

He couldnt disagree. I made this man realize that his position was based entirely on being pro black and anti white. I saw his face change into a thinker, pondering the cognitive dissonance Id plagued him with.

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And then everyone in the bus clapped